PUBG Joins the PS Now Lineup Today

The genre-defining battle royale experience headlines this month's PS Now update, along with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Formula 1 2019.

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ilikestuff1094d ago

So I need ps plus to play this ps now game? If so that’s ps bs!!

FallenAngel19841094d ago

Where’d you get that idea?

ilikestuff1093d ago

I was asking, at the end of my first sentence was a question mark

rainslacker1093d ago

No. Games on PSNow do not require a separate PS+ sub if you are playing them through PSNow.

ilikestuff1093d ago

Ok awesome thanks, I got ps now and not plus, I was hoping they weren’t going to do something crappy like that. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy, stuff like this is why. Other companies would make u need plus.

FallenAngel19841094d ago

I don’t like the idea of them adding only 3 new games a month