Rebellion Resurrecting Three Classic Games For Digital Distribution

Rebellion has announced they are resurrecting three classic titles and bringing them to Steam today meaning your chance for Free Running, Gunlok, and World War Zero is here.

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Zjet499d ago

World War Zero Ironstorm has been available on for years now....

You know there are other platforms than Steam right?

TechRaptor498d ago

It isn't anymore.

To go a bit more indepth - Gunlok was available for a good while on Gamersgate too - but that version wasn't working on modern PCs. On World War Zero - we're not sure what version the one on Steam is based on - We've been trying to get answers from Rebellion there to no real avail. It does appear to lack multiplayer, so my guess is its probably based on the last PC version, but no guarantee there.