Valve calls time on its divisive Steam Controller

Valve's divisive Steam Controller is officially no more. Not only has the company confirmed it's no longer manufacturing the device, all remaining units are rapidly being snapped up following heavy discounts during the current Steam Autumn Sale.

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crazyCoconuts331d ago

I picked one up an extra one on sale. Shame they never took off. You can spin a 180 with the flick of your thumb and dial in with gyro - seems better than just using thumbsticks imo. Takes some getting used to

UltimateOwnage331d ago

I just got one. I’m sad to see Valve sort of taking a step back from the hardware realm. Steam Link is likely on its way out too.

crazyCoconuts331d ago

I thought they already called it on Steam Link the hardware. It's still supported though.

TheRealTedCruz331d ago

What's you really learn to use them, they're such a versatile controller :/

LucasRuinedChildhood331d ago

The Steam Controller, AKA, Gabe's "Final Solution" for gamepads.

This is a classsic example of not knowing your audience. Unsurprisingly, console gamers don't sit around agonizing over the fact that a mouse is more accurate than a thumbstick.

Their attempt to "fix" gamepads for an audience that loves gamepads was tone-deaf and unnecessary - it's one of the main reasons why the Steam Machine bombed.

Giblet_Head331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

It wasn't really intended for that audience. It was created to be a bridge between controllers and mouse and keyboard. Which it accomplished. You can play and readily configure games with bind community and officially created profiles through Steam Big Picture with games that were never intended to work with controllers, like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, most any RTS or deep multi-key simulators from the comfort of your living room and couch. The reason they're dropping it is that it was a very niche product for a very niche problem it solved. It simply wasn't popular enough to warrant further production.

331d ago
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