Why it’s the perfect time for the Mass Effect trilogy to be remastered

Chirag Pattni talks about why now is the best time for the Mass Effect trilogy to be remastered. What Mass Effect does right even today and more.

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gangsta_red533d ago

Not a huge fan of remasters from the previous gen but I would definitely check out this trilogy again if it were all wrapped up together with extra content.

UltraNova532d ago

And bundled with Andromeda as a free bonus...

lellkay532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

@Ultranova simply having Androma in the package would lower the overall quality.

UltraNova532d ago

Nuh...a free game is a free game. And guess what if you don't like it...don't play it.

PlayableGamez-532d ago

Shut up.
Andromeda is not worthy to be bundled with the original trilogy.

Profchaos532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Yeah if it's there it's there I paid $7 for it and didn't think much of it. There's a few cool moments but the game is short formulaic and conversations seem meaningless and your choices don't matter at all. Plus the big plot twist reveal was seen a million miles off and had zero impact the game was better without it

It's a paint by numbers games posing as an rpg but Eos was cool so that's something

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pwnmaster3000532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I’ve been waiting for a remastered for this trilogy all gen.. hope it’s true

Mass effect was one the reasons why I bought a 360z

Imortus_san531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

If they released the games without bugs, lock 60 fps, HDR, Dolby Atmos and all the DLC included, I'm game.

chrisx533d ago

Imo I don't see a need for a remaster of this's already top quality

MatrixxGT532d ago

I’m playing through this trilogy right now on X1X I don’t remember getting that far into ME3. First game is a classic but ME2 still holds up pretty damn well.

oIITSBIIo532d ago

3 in 1 Remake in a new engine will be the right way to do it, remaster won't change much.

wheresmymonkey532d ago

I would be up for this on the switch. mass effect on the go would be great.