Valve's Steam Controller is $5 Right Now

The Steam controller is one of many items featured at a greatly reduced price during Steam's Autumn Sale. It is typically $49.99 but is on sale for $5.00 -- 90% of its original price.

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Brave_Losers_Unite333d ago

I know its cheap and all but I jusr dont find this controller interesting. A great price for people who do

Jin_Sakai333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

It’s being discontinued December 3rd so I’m not surprised it’s on sale for $5.

LucasRuinedChildhood333d ago

You'd have to pay me to use this controller. A friend of my got one years ago and it's like a PC fanboy tried to "fix" a traditional gamepad. The end result is an unholy abomination.

TheRealTedCruz333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

"It's like a PC fanboy tried to make a gamepad"

Probably because it was made to replace the functionality of a keyboard and mouse because ... PC ...
You're right. That's legitimately what it is.

If you didn't like it, that's fine. If and when you learn to use it, it effectively lives up to what it was meant to be.

kevinsheeks333d ago

i went ahead and got it, I mean for five bucks i'll see.

indysurfn333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

huh? I just bought one(14 hours after you posted that). I guess they got more in stock? Maybe they took my money and put me on back order. No worries it is with paypal and I'm in no rush. I looked at the reviews on amazon and it is getting 4 out of 5 stars which is good for something that amazon is currently charging 65$ for. It has 2,700+ reviews.

Stanjara333d ago

I don't like this controller.
First, right touch pad (stick) is above buttons so if you are using x or an a button for action or jump ( and we do) its a long movement down.

Second no proper d pad.
Third no two thumb sticks - touch pads have no fealing and no l3 and r3 buttons. They are probably on the back side or something.

Fourth: Build quality. Plastic on the controller doesn feel right.

It has other purposes on the PC for like rts games but still, I would rather invest in a Xbox or PS4 controller for PC play cause most of the games that you want to play with a controller come from consoles and have button mapping figured out.

PlayableGamez-333d ago

I bought it as a novelty at this point since its going out of stock.

Vits333d ago

For games that don't work that well with a traditional controller (think Civilization, Divinity: Original Sin I & II, Pillars of Eternity, etc....), this controller works great and is a far better option that anything else other than keyboard & mouse. For anything else though? It varies between "this is fine" and "omg why I'm doing this to myself".

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The story is too old to be commented.