GamingTrend: Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant PS2 Review

GamingTrend: "It's tough to write reviews for games that aren't terrible, but fall just short of being really good. If Crash had loosened up the open-world gameplay a bit and fixed the horrible camera system, this could have been another excellent PS2 platformer. Crash Bandicoot might have gone a ways in actually earning my respect as a legitimate console mascot. As it stands, however, the game succeeds in being just above average. The controls are tight, the combat is mostly fun, and the cutscenes are worth a play through to see. On the other hand, the frustratingly limited camera, uninspired graphics, and occasionally tedious backtracking all conspire to bring the game down a few notches. Despite a valiant effort, Crash Bandicoot will have to remain a B-list mascot in the world of video games for now."

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