The Quest for Sony's Mascot

Having a mascot is a fairly common practice when it comes to building a brand of any kind. Everything from restaurants to sports teams, and tech companies utilize the power of mascots, the main reason being that they are symbols and are meant to be instantly recognizable characters that we associate with a certain name brand. Just the sight of a mascot can immediately put emotions of happiness or hatred into the minds of an audience. Video game companies through the years have been one of the biggest users of mascots, especially the company that revitalized the industry when it was nearly gone.

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Z5014240d ago

2.Nathan Drake
3.Some random hot chick

GWAVE4240d ago

Sony has many mascots. Simply choose the one that fits your interest.

Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter...

It just goes to show that Sony is all about variety.

himdeel4240d ago

...SONY fans probably each have their character they'd consider the SONY mascot. That in itself is quite a feat and I do not think they need nor could reasonably just have a single mascot.

Raoh4240d ago

Sony doesnt need a mascot, it has an entire animal farm of characters to pull from.

mcgrawgamer4240d ago

Don't need a mascot when you got Kevin Butler....

cmrbe4240d ago

As Gwave said. Sony has many mascots and it depends on your age, the type of game you like and where you are from.

If Sony picked a mascot then it would have stereotype the PS brand as well as its gamers which would be a disaster for Sony.

Every time people think of Nintendo they think of kids because of Mario. Every time people think of xbox they think Halo and shooter nuts. Everyone = Playstation , including soccer fanatics, car fanatics, RPG lovers, music game lovers, action adventure fans,platformer fans etc etc. Thats the way it should be.

Unicron4240d ago

That guy Halo is the best mascot. He wears green and doesn't afraid of anything. I love Halo. He's almost as good as the other green guy Zelda. Go Zelda!


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