Fable 4 leak: Xbox fans first look at setting and character potentially revealed by concept art

Playground Games has been rumoured to be working on a new RPG for a while – and we may have just got our first look at the title.

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chiefJohn117305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

I hope it's closer to Fable 2 than Fable 3. Looks like they're going for a serious tone rather than the playful tone Fable had. I only ask for these things

Customization/visual changes based on action. Fable 3 toned it down a lot. Bring it back in full effect.
Great magic spells and a great content filled world.

phoenixwing305d ago

Tbh i hope you get to choose your gender when you load up the game. I always like gender choice options. Secondly, gears and fable are the two series i most enjoy from microsoft's studios. Maybe they'll be able to make a quality entry of fable if everyone is lucky.

rlow1304d ago

Hopefully next year Scarlett launch we'll hear more.

DiRtY304d ago

Probably next e3 already.

Microsoft has a lot to show there.

1st hardware specs for Scarlett
2nd gameplay for Halo Infinite
3rd gameplay for grounded
4th gameplay for everwild
5th The Initiative first game
6th announce Fable IV
7th show us your new Forza

That alone would be a great show...

FanboySpotter304d ago

This e3 for sure won't have everwild("years" away) no grounded either since that comes out this spring (before scarlett/e3) so far the only next gen game we know of is halo infinite. I wanna see what they got for scarlett I hope it's the new fable

304d ago
SinisterKieran304d ago

i'd expect multiple character designs if it was fable but this seems centered around one character.

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