The Best RPG (Spoiler… It’s not Elder Scrolls)

It's all about the narrative, bay-beeee. Here's why Dragon Age, as a series, is still among the absolute best RPGs.

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Fist4achin533d ago

I loved the first DA. After that, not so much.

Shikoku533d ago

It isnt dragon age either

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BrainSyphoned533d ago

Series? Origins you can argue but if you add the others you might as well put 76 in the running.

Sidewinder-533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

"Bioware" & their touting it as a "return to Baldur's Gate" style gameplay are what got me hyped to play "Origins" which was a great game. Though i can't help but remember the built in DLC Walls. That grated on me, and was telling of what was to become of EA and its future games.

Never touched DA2 (and therefore never touched Inquisition). My brother tries to defend them but they look garbage.

Shiken533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Inquisition was a good game, but not the beat RPG ever. Dragon Age 2 was lazy and rushed, reusing the same maps over and over while trying to claim they are different locations. The only difference is different doors would be accessable and different enemies would be present.

Razmiran533d ago

I agree, Inquisition was good fun
Not as good as origins, but a good enough compromise between O and 2

bluefox755533d ago

Nor is Dragon Age, the first game was pretty great though.

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The story is too old to be commented.