Man Spends $1.4 Million On Game Character, Which His Friend Accidentally Sold For Only $552

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft reports: Whoops! According to South China Morning Post, a man in China spent an eye-watering $1.4 million on his character in MMORPG Justice Online. His buddy accidentally sold said character for a mere $552. The man filed a lawsuit against game company NetEase and his friend. Well, former friend, I guess.

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UltraNova615d ago

1,4 million on one character....ehm does this guy have more characters???

Well, I would say it serves him right but it doesn't even begin covering it, doesn't it?

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KickSpinFilter615d ago

I know what the guy doesn't have... a life.
What a loser.

S2Killinit615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

If he had 1.4 million, pretty sure he does have things to do.

On another note, how does one spend that much on a character?

Christopher615d ago

Because he has a lot of money, he's a loser and obviously doesn't spend money on other things outside of gaming and he totally spends money and all his time in a video game and didn't use money to make up for his inability to spend as much time as others in the video game.

KickSpinFilter615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Having a lot a money is not an issue, spending that much on let's say a golden Gaming PC RIG or car or house or whatever...knock your self out. To spend that much money on a character made out of 0's &1's is utterly ridiculous If he makes 20k a year or is a billionaire. If I was a billionaire would I drop 2.1 Million on a McLaren F1 yes I would, I'd still do it if I was a million or mid 6 figure salary. But for a digital character?!?! No just No. Loser

SephirothX21615d ago

Well he's clearly rich so so somehow. At least the proccesses that have gone into creating digital assets are mildly damaging to the environment compared relative to the manufacturing of a vehicle, which some folks in the comments section would rather have spent the money on.

babadivad615d ago

He's got 1.5 million to throw away on a video game. I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself.

andibandit615d ago

If I was a billionaire and could buy back those 3-400 days "played" in World of Warcraft, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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Lighter9615d ago

The word "man" is used loosely here.

nucky64615d ago

true. i'm sure it's some idiot living off the family fortune - there is no shortage of these types all over the world.

Lightbullz615d ago

Tbh he is probably wealthy because of bitcoin or something like that. Although if he was intelligent enough to be aware of cryptocurrencies, I doubt he would had put his money on shit like this. Either way, fool and his money are soon departed.

jpi615d ago

Best comment today so far

Christopher615d ago

Lots of stone throwing going on today it seems.

Christopher615d ago

Gamers: It's your money, spend it on what you want and how you like.

Also gamers: OMG, what a loser, he spent money how he wanted and liked.

Gazondaily615d ago

Yeah funny that. These guys would most likely give away their kidneys for the money the guy spent in-game but somehow that man is a loser or isnt a man...

gangsta_red615d ago

I think people are also missing the fact this guy could drop a mill plus on just a character in a vidya game...that tells me this guy could be ballin out of control in real life and spending that amount of money doesn't mean much to him.

Inzo614d ago

Gamers? you are using a very broad brush dont you think? To spend that amount of money in a game is idiocy. I personally appose any form of MTs cosmetic or otherwise.

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Pricey615d ago

This seems somewhat unbelievable. The fact that its a kotaku article isn't helping either

ChrisW614d ago

The fact that some humans are capable of such stupidity and wastefulness doesn't help either

gangsta_red615d ago

Only one way to solve that problem between friends....murder!

2pacalypsenow615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

an ol fashion pistoleer duel should do the trick.

KillZallthebeast615d ago

a guy who spent 1.4 million dollars on a single game character probably doesn't have the strength to hold a pistol

KillZallthebeast614d ago

Was mostly joking, but guns are heavy, especially dual pistols on gunpowder.

ChrisW614d ago

Suicide... If only stupidly rich idiots would do such more often

kayoss615d ago

a fool and his money are soon parted.

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