Is The PS2 Dead? Not Quite Yet

This is one of those times when 'we' will have to disagree - to some extent - with recent comments issued by developers. According to MCVUK, several of the leading UK developers and publishers have been talking about the PS2, and one concludes that it's curtains for Sony's last-generation console.

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doshey3630d ago

so that must mean 360 is dead cuz ps2 is still selling better than it

green3630d ago

PS2 is far from dead.It's extremely cheap to manufacture,cheap to buy and so creates a great entry point into gaming.So business wise it is great for sony to keep it in production.

Nineball21123630d ago

I agree with you 100%. It's not anywhere near being "dead" yet.

hitthegspot3630d ago

If it's dead, what am I going to do with all my CDs? I can't play them on the PS3. Sony created a great mess ($$$) for themselves. It's win win in their eyes. PS2 is still selling strong...

ape0073630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )


I wish I can see a system like ps2 again,maybe,I'll not live to see it

pavarotti3630d ago

and it certainly aint dead. especially when it still manages to cream it's big brother ps3 from time to time. most recently in japan aswell.

i'll probably get a few disagrees for that...sorry for any feelings hurt.

MazzingerZ3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I think it's dead for those long time more FF, MGS, GT, GTA, DMC, GoW, Wipeout, SOCOM, etc, etc,...time to move to the PS3 if you are really a gamer...there's nothing really there for me on the PS2...I played all the games I needed to play

For newbies into gaming and parents it's the best alternative, way better than the Wii...the game catalogue is amazing...EBGames gives you an X360 Arcade for a PS2 + some games...that's nuts, a 8 years old console is hot as a trade in

but like I wrote, I think there are more than just a few PS2 owners considering the PS3 "upgrade"... PS2 is today multiplatform console (if you have owned for some years)...forget about new franchises or kick as games... SONY's games R&D is 100% focused on the PS3.

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DiabloRising3630d ago

Does anyone else find these articles with questions "Is the PS2 dead?" annoying?

Does anyone else find these counter articles just as bad?

Does anyone just enjoy games anymore, instead of fishing for hits with lame "editorials" and flamebait articles?


-GametimeUK-3630d ago

people can say the ps3 sucks... i enjoy games on it
360 sucks?... i dont care i still enjoy the games
wii a casual console?... still i love metroid, zelda, re4 and most of all Super Mario Galaxy (my fave game this gen)

point is we shouldnt care about what people say about consoles... as long as you enjoy the games you play :-)

bblz for you onslaughtx

Noctis Lucis Caelum3630d ago

I don't find it annoying. I enjoy reading these type of articles. :)

-GametimeUK-3630d ago

the legacy lives on... i will continue to play ps2 games for years to come... ps2 in my opinion is without a doubt THE best console on the market... we may not appreciate it now that we have ps3's BUT the PS2's game library is currently stronger than all the current gen systems... god of war, final fantasy, mgs, gta, sotc etc etc... the list goes on and on... BEST CONSOLE EVER!!!

DiabloRising3630d ago

I so agree. PS2 has probably one of the greatest libraries ever. The current gen just can't touch it for some reason IMHO.

SL1M DADDY3630d ago

A rebuttle article to the PS2 being dead already? Man, the arguments are getting quicker these days.

Danja3630d ago

I know ways...The PS2 is alive and kicking...aint going nowhere any time soon...and thats good...cuz I can't wait to play Persona 4

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