Xbox Game Pass December 2019: The Witcher 3 Release Date Leaked

Microsoft is adding many blockbuster games for Xbox Game Pass in this Holiday and leading into 2020. Here's when The Witcher 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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2BlackBelt310d ago

December 19th 2019
A day before the Witcher Netflix is out.

mikeslemonade310d ago

Booooooooo who hasn’t played overrated Witcher3?

PlayableGamez-310d ago

The Witcher 3 is not a overrated game.
It's just not for everyone.
It has a great story, with great characters, serviceable combat, a huge and dense world to explore with great quest lines. Plus, the DLC expansions are some of the best DLC of this generation.

bouzebbal310d ago

Can you play online on game pass games if you don't have gold or ultimate subscriptions??

Mr_Writer85309d ago (Edited 309d ago )


No if you have regular Gamepass as
Gold is separate.

Yes if you have ultimate Gamepass, as Gold is included.

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Fishy Fingers310d ago

Anyone know if the whole season hits Netflix day one?

2BlackBelt310d ago

Yes, all episodes will release on the 20th.

darthv72310d ago

usually that is how they release on NF.

D__RAiL310d ago

Another reason PC gaming is great because Game Pass plus Uplay + and Origin Premiere. Plus whatever Steam does next year.

Khalina310d ago

Witcher 3 is not gonna be on PC gamepass, console only. Like many of the good games

SLiSH83310d ago

That’s like $300 a year, I do game pass and stick to my 3-5 games and get the others when they are down to $30 or less.

Been rocking RS:Siege Rocket League and Overwatch, just keep waiting for the other games I want to be cheap.

Khalina310d ago

I don't even have an Xbox or a gaming PC, but I'm really glad for stuff like Xbox game pass. This is the closest we currently have to a Netflix for games (Not sh*t like Stadia). As long as there is the option still for traditional. If I had an Xbox would definitely be using this, as I usually don't buy new games anyway I wait for the price to go down, so this would be perfect.

Then again I also quite liked Ps Now, despite some streaming issues, just having access to a large catalogue where you can play any of it is great. I really do see the appeal, once this gets more ironed out and streamlined, with better libraries, I think many people will take to these kind of services. As long as the value will be there (again unlike sh*t like Stadia).

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