Joystiq hands-on: NBA Street Homecourt

NBA Street Homecourt pits your choice of more than 100 NBA stars -- and a half-dozen WNBA leaders -- against each other in three-on-three street games. The title references the players' favorite public courts, where the acrobatic games are set. We've seen these kinds of basketball titles before -- including the previous three NBA Street games -- but Homecourt uses a redesigned control scheme to set itself apart from previous versions. You can read a hands-on preview of the game over at

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Siesser4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

After the let-down that was NBA Street 3, I'm looking forward to this title big time. I like the way they've increased the interaction and customization of the controller, rather than just mashing combinations of shoulder buttons. I'm a little at odds with the present Gamebreaker system; I still like Street 2's the best thus far, not minding canned animations being used.

It's nice to see them including and recognizign WNBA players too. Ticha Penicheiro will be on my roster in a heartbeat :)