Killzone 2 Hands-on Multiplayer Preview - writes: "Killzone 2 has the potential to be the best PS3 exclusive online shooter experience around when it's released next February. It's definitely miles better than Haze, but even more impressive is that the beta has even been keeping us from playing Resistance 2's multiplayer. Will it be a better competitive shooter than Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat and Call of Duty: World at War? Only time will tell. So far, though, so very good."

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jtucker783653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


I have a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach after reading that.

Kleptic3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

good write up...but I would really appreciate an author to give respect to Return to Castle Wolfenstein in terms of the classes...its not TF2...TF2 used things similar to RTCW (and TF1 obviously)...and Killzone 2 has its own twist on each of the classes (some of which are entirely new, a medic obviously...are not)...also, i have no idea what this guy is talking about when he says 'it plays slower than cod 4'...haha...wrong...the maps are bigger, but my guess is that he didn't play any 32 player matches...the ridiculous amount of stuff going on at once is something not easily can also sprint faster, and for longer in killzone 2...the basic assault rifles fire a little slower i guess, but kill wise the games are very similar...3-5 direct hits and a guy goes down...also, a single head shot from any weapon (pistol included) drops a guy, which cod 4 didn't have...

either way, glad to hear the guy liked it...

jtucker783653d ago

Are you in the beta?

I didn't make it, unfortunately. Are the 32 player matches in the beta?
If so what is that like? Carnage? Noticed any slow down, lagging latency?

And how does the run/sprint speed feel. I've heard turning isn't very fast because all the characters have weight.

sonarus3653d ago

No lag...closed beta had some death lag where you would kill someone and they wouldn't die for a while but open beta that has been fixed and now there is no death lag...general lag when playing though is NON EXISTENT.

32p matches are there and they are great i don't want to talk about it too much but incase i get kicked out of beta...if you want to know more though you can PM me

The characters have weight but you can also adjust your vertical and horizontal turning speed to suit yourself i did that and it plays a lot better...the downside is you lose accuracy because the game has like 0 auto aim...but you get used to it

thor3653d ago

You obviously never played any 50+ player matches in COD4... those were INSANE!

DiabloRising3653d ago

1 headshot takes down a guy? Crap. Is it as bad as MGS Online, where you can lace bullets into a person's back, and they have time to turn around and pop you ONCE in the head? Please say its not that bad, because that's what instantly turned me off to MGO.

TheExecutive3653d ago

if you watch the leaked videos it seems pretty well balanced. Around 4-5 shots to the torso or one in the head.

UnwanteDreamz3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I hope its just like that. If you can turn and pop a person in the head when all they can do is spray and pray you should be rewarded with that instant kill. What I mean is if you have the skill you dont have to worry about the guy turning around because you waste them with a headshot instead of pumpin bullet after bullet in their body.

DiabloRising3653d ago

I just don't like it when a game insists on "Headshots or GTFO." The issue with MGO is that you almost HAVE to always aim for the head, or you're screwed. That isn't always a viable option though, especially with the horribly inaccurate guns AND the muzzle drift in that game. You need a balance. You need a headbox small enough that it makes you earn the headshot instead of it being a freebie. At the same time, you need body damage to be comparable. If its like CoD4, with 2 - 5 shots, I can live with that. MGO faulted in that it took almost double or triple that. It just didn't flow properly for me, which sucks because it has a ton of potential.

Granted, games that let you spray and pray are just as bad. I despise autoaim. You need a balance of the two, a balance I hope KZ2 has. Speaing of which, does KZ2 have muzzle drift like Halo or MGO? The longer you hold the fire button, the more the gun drifts upwards? Thanks for all the info!

Panthers3653d ago

He is talking about how in MGO it takes a ton of shots to kill you if you shoot their body, but just one headshot.

I think KZ2 is more like COD or SOCOM. One headshot and just a few body shots.

NitrogenB3653d ago

...I don't like about the Beta is the running part. Don't get me wrong, dude runs fast, but the run...runs out, you know? I wonder, if in the game, when you build your stats up; are you going to be able to extend you run periods as you progress further into the game?

sonarus3653d ago

You can get kills with 3-4 well placed shots to the chest 1 shot to the head...the thing is when using assault rifle you have to fire in short bursts to get more accurate shots

UnwanteDreamz3653d ago

Ahhh I see what you are saying. I have to agree with you I would like to see them balance it out. MGO turned me into a headshot whore. I never thought about it but I only aim for the head now.

thor3653d ago

Who disagreed with my comment about 50+ MP in COD4? Did none of you PLAY the PC version?

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pp3653d ago

zzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

GrieverSoul3653d ago

yeah! I know! Its boring u have a X360 and cant play this game, right?!


Grow up dude!
This game will be good (I hope so)! But so is GoW2 and Fable! Each to their own!

Pennywise3653d ago

At least make it hard for me to want to hit spam on your posts.

mll093653d ago

Sleeping cos ur 3fixme broke PP?

This game will blow any existing game out of the water.

waznotwaz3653d ago

Killzone 2 is definitely better than Haze.My Little Pony is a better fps than Haze.

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