AceGamez Review: Order Up!

AceGamez: " These days, everyone wants in on the cooking game market. There's the daddy (or mama) of them all, Cooking Mama, a chef who has three games to her name, with another on the way next year and even real life chefs are trying their hand; Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are in the process of hopping onto the Nintendo bandwagon. The chances are that Ubisoft has released a chef game that ends in a Z somewhere down the line; the market is more than saturated, which is why you might be wondering if Order Up! is worth a look. There's no big name on the cover and there's plainly no cooking mama either, so why choose this over the competition? Well, the answer is simple: while it isn't a high profile release, Order Up! is the most fun I've had on the Wii since Smash Bros, high praise for a game where you have to wait for your food to cook in the oven. Is it really that good?

You start Order Up! at the bottom of the ladder, taking the role of a wannabe chef who dreams of making it big in Port Abello and anyone who wants to make it in this famous place has to start from the bottom - in this case, Burger Face. This dingy burger bar is where you're taught the basics of being a chef, learning the ways of the burger - it's all a bit cheesy, including the controls of the game. Before you know it however, you're using these techniques in your own restaurant, trying to earn enough money to update you kitchen and make your eatery the best around. Your aim is to earn five stars at your restaurant, which you achieve through tasks that range from cleaning the place to buying new specials on the black market. This culminates in you trying to impress one of the city's most prolific food critics and earning the five stars you need to buy another restaurant."

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