How to Make Gears 3 Better Than Gears 2

Split-Screen writes: "The hype has died down. The critics have answered. Copies sold have numbered in the millions. Has Gears of War 2 lived up to the expectations of its fans? Not an easy question to answer. After all, for every moment of the original Gears faithfully carried over, the needling feeling of some thing more creeps in. For every successful Horde match completed, there are Matchmaking sessions so painful they could give reality TV producers new ideas.

"Yes, we liked it. However, if Epic wants Gears of War 3 to be remembered for the blockbuster finale of finales, which justifies its publicity as well; it would do well to heed the following."

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P3626d ago

Don't you mean better than Gears 1,since Gears 2 is an absolute joke compared to Gears 1

Eiffel3626d ago

You sir are dumb as hell.

Fishy Fingers3626d ago

Few point's I agree with. The story could certainly use some work, I wont go into detail for fear of spoilers.
Multiplayer needs fixing, revert back to Gears 1 style, not matchmaking, I realise this was done to combat host advantages but there are surely other ways around that. Or offer both, some like matchmaking, some (like me) detest it. Accomodate us all.

The rest, I either don't really agree with or I just dont see as viable. I'm sure Epic will make a stellar part 3, but right now I'm more concerned with them getting Gears 2 multiplayer sorted out.

dachiefsman3626d ago

if its on par with the second I will be happy. I thoroughly enjoyed both gears so far. I hope they can patch Gears 2 cause the matchmaking and online kind of sucks at the moment.

Fishy Fingers3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Epic have already acknowledged the problem and are addressing it now. They have a thread on their forums concerning this and other problems, here > http://gearsforums.epicgame...

Panthers3626d ago

Host advantage is ridiculous and ruins clan wars and stuff.

dachiefsman3626d ago

yea I know about the thread, but it doesn't mention "fixing or patch" just "this is busted".

vhero3626d ago

its coming to ps3 thats a start at least huh?? as MS only contracted 2 gears games and epic would be stupid to keep it on one console.. MS didnt think it would be as popular as it was can you believe it?

Damphear3626d ago

DITCHING the crappy UNE and using something better than that crap engine.

i'll never buy a game that runs the UNE its horse sh!t

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P4KY B3626d ago

It would be nice it there was an option to play region locked multiplayer.

3626d ago
P3626d ago

A disagree won't change the fact that Gears of war 1>Gears of war 2

sniper45343626d ago

umm not really lol i like gears 2 better that gears 1 lol the onli thing i dont like about gow2 is that ur movements are too slow

Nikkelz3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

this is the reason developers come to these websites,to get great ideas like these.i bet they hook it up for the third,the dirt in the eyes idea is genius
peace and game on

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