Google Stadia's Launch Trailer Talks up its Superior Accessibility & Performance

Google Stadia's launch has so far been mired by a lackluster games line-up and news of missing key features, but that isn't going to stop Google celebrating with a launch trailer.

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Thundercat77337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Lackluster library.
Lots of missing features that were promised.
Horrible lag.
Only a few devices can be used. No iOS and just Pixel phones.

If you buy a console for $400 and divide it in 4 years (a gaming generation) it cost you $8.33 a month where Stadia cost you $9.99 a month for the 4k package.

Console has a superior local hardware performance with a bigger library and features not available on Stadia.

Don't be fooled by Google.

Brave_Losers_Unite337d ago

4k is also just a video and not direct feed. So it will never look as good as if your were playing on local hardware

ZeroX9876336d ago

The way I thought stadia would work is whenever you're launching a game, it would’ve always been at maximum graphics. When you buy a hardware, 2 years afterwards there's already a bunch of new techs and hardware upgrades that came out and only a very small portion of gamers will bother upgrading every year to get those optimal graphics. With stadia you wouldn’t have this problem which would’ve been one great advantage, but like we’re all seeing now, this ain’t the case at all!

Google should’ve wait until Holiday 2020 to launch it. Too much missing features right now, not enough games and the whole thing feels like they were rushing it for the holidays. Now, everyone made their opinion about how Stadia works and the vast majority is unimpressed by the product. Not saying it can’t get better, but first impressions usually last for a while.

I was already not interested in the product, but curious as to if they could pull it off. Got my answer looking at all the awful reviews online.

Old McGroin336d ago

I agree on everything except the generation length, PS4 was released in November 2013, that's 6 years and counting. You may continue sir.

Brave_Losers_Unite337d ago

But in "REALITY" it doesn't do that

XiNatsuDragnel336d ago

But according to many reviewers, your AMA on reddit, and finally user experience; your product doesn't do these things and if so at random times.

1nsomniac336d ago

So when are we actually going to start making people accountable when they lie as a marketing tool??

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