10 games that deserve a second review

Some games get better over time. Other games get worse. From For Honor to No Man's Sky, here are some games that deserve updates to their launch review scores.

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Sm00thNinja429d ago

Sea of thieves perhaps most of all has undergone such a fantastic evolution. No Mans Sky is an easy 9+ for me now as well

Gaming4Life1981429d ago

Yea sea of thieves, no mans sky, and battlefront 2 have all been made drastically better but I dont think they deserve a 2nd review. The developers just need to be acknowledged for sticking with their games, fixing problems, adding great content and listening to their fans.

telekineticmantis429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Sea looked so new and interesting to me, should be bigger than it actually is..

Sm00thNinja428d ago

It's got a huge twitch following now

Mulando429d ago

Those games should have been released in their current state or at least be marked as alpha-/preview-versions.

Sm00thNinja428d ago

True but that didn't happen... I mean Destiny became a much bigger product over time. Do they deserve previews? I think yes it's a much better and bigger game now and I think consumers should know that. BUT THERE SHOULD be a sort of asterisk to sort of annotate the fact that the original review still stands

Anon1974428d ago

I just picked up a used Xbox One and grabbed gamepass. I'll have to give Sea of Thieves a try.

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SegaGamer429d ago

No game deserves a second review, it would give studios an excuse to release a half baked game. The likes of No Man's Sky and Sea of Thieves deserve their poor reviews for releasing the game in a state that wasn't good enough.

darthv72429d ago

If they were intended to be one and done then yes. But you see there are games that are designed to be like the old serial shows. You dont throw everything into the first episode and that's it. you string people along and provide new content on a frequent basis. It keeps people hooked and coming back for more.

I wish more people understood that. Episodic... that's how you keep players engaged.

XabiDaChosenOne428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

"You dont throw everything into the first episode and that's it."
Than don't throw a 60 dollar price tag on the game, if you want to go that route make it free to play. People shouldn't pay 60 dollars to be "strung along" get out of here with that nonsense.
And your analogy doesnt even make sense. Hundreds of shows have been dropped for having garbage pilot's or they dont get picked up for a second season. When you release a product and you demand money for it make sure you get it right the first time.

gangsta_red428d ago


So free to play with a ton of MTs instead of the free content and updates that these games have provided?

Makes total sense.

XabiDaChosenOne428d ago

"instead of the free content and updates that these games have provided?"
You know what's even better than that? Being a good game at launch.

Rebel_Scum428d ago

In some cases it's either release the game or don't and shut down the company. What would you prefer?

Smokehouse429d ago

Literally every game. No game is the Same a month after release let alone a year or 2. Yet another reason why reviews are irrelevant and outdated.

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Italiano1234567428d ago

Nothing deserves a second review. I understand there is deadlines and whatnot but if a game releases barebones or in a poor state then delay it if not then it gets the scores it deserves. Now thats not saying some that were shit at launch arent shit now but nothing should get a second review. U review the shit when it comes out

LordoftheCritics428d ago

I would be ok for second reviews on barebones games if the pricing was barebones too.

Like Anthem should have been 10 bucks at launch and reviewed as a 10 dollar AAA game.

phoenixwing428d ago

I'm all for second chances when it comes to people but not when it comes to video games. Devs are already lazy enough as it is, if you introduce second chance reviews they'll definitely take advantage.

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