Former Bioware GM opens up about difficulties of Frostbite engine

At Reboot Develop Red, Aaryn Flynn compared EA's internal engine to an F1 car -- "very delicate and very hard to manage".

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Shubhendu_Singh262d ago

Imagine Zenimax forcing all their developers to only work with Creation Engine (Fallout).

We get it EA that sharing tech among all your teams would immensely save cost and labor but what good is that if final product is shit. RIP Mass Effect. You're one of the richest publisher on this planet, give your devs some freedom.

DaDrunkenJester262d ago

Hence why I'm so so so glad they didn't force Respawn to use it for Jedi Fallen Order. In fact it feels like EA didn't have any involvement in that game and it shows.

cwhit122262d ago

yeah no microtransactions says EA left it alone completely. I wonder if Disney stepped in after Battlefront was a disaster.

Profchaos262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Yeah EA is probably now scratching their heads wondering why a single player game without an online component not made with frostbite and not following the woke storytelling script has become successful.

Heads Will roll for this one at head office

262d ago
Profchaos262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Every game made with the frostbite engine has one glaringly obvious issue they all look the same and everything is kind of plasticity looking. It looked great in the bf 4 days but competition has surpassed it now

When bf hardline looks like the same game as mass effect there's a problem