NY Post: 'Quantam of Solace' Review

NY Post writes: "When it comes to videogame ""curses,"" gamers always point to the ""Madden"" franchise, which has a history of seeing its cover athletes get real injuries that season. But the James Bond games have been cursed since 1997 -- the year Nintendo released its superb first-person shooter for Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007. Since then, there've been a slew of Bond games – all from Electronic Arts, none of them as good.

Well, now Acitivision has jumped into the game, and here comes Quantum of Solace, available for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. It's actually a blending of Casino Royale and its sequel, with an emphasis on the original story so there aren't too many movie-plot spoilers.

We played it. Here's what we found:"

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