We've now been waiting for Left 4 Dead 3 for 10 long years

GR: "With how often Valve starts and cans projects, it's not unrealistic to think that fans might have to wait another decade before seeing Left 4 Dead 3 if it even ever occurs at all."

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TeamIcoFan378d ago

Valve can't count to three, remember?

Shiken378d ago

I came here to say exactly this.

Thunder_G0d_Bane378d ago

Dying light set the bar for Co op zombies games for me so I don’t really worry about left 4 dead anymore.

Looking forward to Dying Light 2.

KwietStorm_BLM378d ago

Dying Light 2 looks really really good. Entirely different kind of game and experience though. Not about setting any bar.

CorndogBurglar378d ago

I do agree that Dying Light is an amazing co-op zombie game and in the long run it does offer much more.

But L4D is a totally different experience and type of game. It's very hard to say you won't play one because you have the other.

Thunder_G0d_Bane377d ago

True definitely agree @Corndog

himdeel378d ago

I think they are smart not to make 3 or count past 2 if they cannot make it amazing. This is an example of a potential sequel that is already crushed by it's own hype. I honestly think everyone who would have been interested in this game still are but aren't holding their breath for it.

Xb1ps4378d ago

Oh shit! Lmfao

What a waste of talent steam has...

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence378d ago

Hey remember when nobody wanted 2? The first game was great but pretty bare bones. The second "game" should have just been DLC for the first one. Let's not do this all over again unless 3 contains all the content from the first two small games.

SephirothX21378d ago

Valve are the inverse of EA. They create great franchises and then just say "no that's enough!!! No more candy for you!"

winter_hill377d ago

The fat bastard ate all the candy as well as someone else's.

Smokehouse378d ago

The studio that made left 4 dead are making a l4d game right now. It’s not called l4d but that’s what it will be. That announcement was awhile ago so it shouldn’t be too much longer. Probably next gen with the crossplay.

SickSinceSix378d ago

Yeah, it's called Back 4 Blood and is a spiritual successor. I haven't seen anything more than concept art yet though

Iceman100x378d ago

good you cant keep waiting too.

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The story is too old to be commented.