Microsoft acknowledges Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 hardware issues

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 has launched to rave reviews but buyers are already reporting problems with the gamepad.

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MasterCornholio517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Seems like the main issue is with the A button not working properly.

It's a really expensive controller so I hope the issues only affect a tiny number of people. Every product has defects but something this expensive should have more extensive quality control.

RememberThe357517d ago

It sucks how so many premium controllers have so many quality control issues. I've been shopping around for a bit but it's hard to find a controller I want with a reliable reputation.

MasterCornholio517d ago


People who have working controllers say that it's incredible. I would really love to have one for my PC and XBXX. However these issues they people are having keep turning me away from it.

Welshy517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Whether the not broken ones are good isn't really the point though.

Hardware was a problem with gen 1 Elites and it's back again on gen 2, if you pay the price of a console for a controller, i don't care who makes it, it damn well better not break within weaks.

KillBill517d ago

Nope... the main issue with near all Microsoft controllers for Xbox One (never once had an issue with numerous Xbox 360 controllers or OG) is the fact that they simply have drifting issues that are awful. I have gone through numerous controllers of which the majority are drift issues with their analog sticks.

I will never spend the amount of money they ask for an elite controller simply because I know the odds of it soon having drift issues is greater than it not. I am worried that Scarlet too will come with elite type controllers and simply be further drift issues as all the Xbox One controllers had.

KillBill517d ago

@RememberThe357 - the only controller for Xbox One that I have consistently heard is good is the Wolverine controller. Tempted to purchase it myself but still gun shy after all the other past controllers I have had to buy.

Gazondaily517d ago

Tis a really expensive controller so something like this shouldn't happen- twice. A controller that is a step above the competition but has such fundamental defects is simply not acceptable. This isn't soup kitchen money- this is a top of the range product so its just ridiculous that not enough quality testing went into it to ensure that this issue isnt a widespread one.

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rigordomnic517d ago

Were you panning to buy or what?

MasterCornholio517d ago

I didn't get the 1st gen due to the issues that it had. I was hoping that they would be much better in the second iteration. I can always wait a bit and see if they will fix those issues.

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TheSaint517d ago

I'm so surprised after the crappy build quality that was the first Elite pad.

MagUk516d ago

Mine is still going strong and I’ve had it since day one. Could probably do with some new thumb sticks tho due to the amount of time I’ve used it.

ElementX517d ago

Maybe I should take mine out of the box and check it. I haven't opened it yet and I got it weeks ago

Dabigsiebowski517d ago

I only buy controllers intend on using.

Fluttershy77517d ago

probably he's an Xbox controllers collector

ElementX517d ago

Nope, I've just been playing PC games that use kb/m lately.

ElementX517d ago

Here you go.... I also own a PS4 so it's in the photo to prove to all the haters in here that I actually own one.

RememberThe357517d ago

Haha bro no one's questioning your gamerhood. But it is kinda funny you spent all that money on a controller you're not even using. Good for you man! 💰

MasterCornholio517d ago (Edited 517d ago )


What does that have to do with the replies that you have been getting?

Anyways it still isn't proof that you own one. All you can do is say that you do and trust that people will believe you. I own an XBXX, PS4, Switch and gaming PC but even if I take a picture of everything and put my name to it, it still isn't proof that I own them.

ElementX517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

@cornhole What do you want me to do? Continue to have everybody doubt everything I say? Continue to be treated like some kind of MS fanboy who doesn't own a PS4? Obviously a photo isn't infallible proof but why would I go through the effort of faking it? Do you think I went around asking people if they have a PS4 and Elite 2 controller so I can come over and take a photo? Do you think I photoshopped the sign? I don't even know how to. Do you think I have a roommate who owns them? I'm a self sufficient grown adult, I don't have a roommate. I get downvoted because people don't believe me, even if I give direct quotes or explain my logic. They think I'm some kind of fraud or something, but I'm not. Give me a break. Jesus some people are never satisfied or doubt everything anybody says.

The Wood517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

@ Master Corn

I think element is on my gamer list or we've pm'd. He's 100 legit

@ Element Thats one flash ass ps4og tho... Skinned or stock special edition?

Oh, Ive not seen people question your word before... you just have a preference and carry yourself well unlike some *o****£@@~~##;)(s lol

KillBill517d ago

I buy controllers to replace the broken controller that I can't functionally use anymore. So that is about every other month if I am lucky.

DarXyde517d ago


"What do you want me to do? Continue to have everybody doubt everything I say? Continue to be treated like some kind of MS fanboy who doesn't own a PS4?"

Yes. I would expect you to do exactly that. I would hope that you would not feel the need to prove something like this to a group of strangers you'll never meet who have no real impact on your life.

I think if this is your reasoning, you care far too much about the opinions of others. It's a collection of people you'll never know, so why do you need their validation?

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MasterCornholio517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

I've dealt with someone who rented a PS4 console and fooled everyone into thinking he owns one.

I'm just saying that posting a picture isn't proof that you own one. All you can do is trust the other users on N4G to believe you. But the real question that you need to ask is will they?

In the end you just keep making wherever comments that you want and just ignore those that attack you on this site. Your never going to convince them that you are not what they think you are. Just like I'll never be able to convince some people here that I'm not a blind hardcore PlayStation fanboy with an altar dedicated to PlayStation.

Just be yourself and ignore those that attack you on the site. But also be respectful to people here. That's my recommendation everyone on this site. I also tell people that there are other sites besides N4G so if somebody doesn't like this site they can always go somewhere else.

Have a great day and it was nice chatting with you.

ufo8mycat517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

What kind of gamer does NOT own a PS4? Seriously. Lets be real here. There is hardly any great games on XBOX. The whole fanboy thing of deliberately not owning a PS4, because of 'brand loyalty', even though that brand is significantly inferior when it comes to games, is silly. You are just ruining your own experience and missing out on games, amazing games.

Part of being a gamer, is owning the best, not skipping it and being loyal to an inferior product.

MasterCornholio517d ago


"What kind of gamer does NOT own a PS4? "

Someone that simply interested in PS4 exclusives. I'm kind of the opposite since I own an XBOX One X but I'm not interested in Microsoft 1st party titles. I'm pretty sure there are people out there who are not interested in Sony 1st party exclusives.

TFJWM517d ago

"Someone that simply interested in PS4 exclusives."

"I'm kind of the opposite since I own an XBOX One X but I'm not interested in Microsoft 1st party titles."

So you have the mid gen strongest console but skipped OG PS4 why again if you only care about 3rd party?

MasterCornholio516d ago (Edited 516d ago )


I actually bought a PS4 at launch. Then I moved and it got left at home. Then I bought a Switch and after that a GoW PS4 Pro. After a few months I got myself an Xbox One X to play several 360 games and shortly after that I built my gaming PC.

Hopefully that helps.


Saw that my comment is a bit broken.

" Someone that simply interested in PS4 exclusives."

Someone that simply -isn't- interested in PS4 exclusives"

Sorry about that.

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SpaceRanger517d ago

The same issues, except connectivity, were happening with the original Elite controller. Most times the issues got worse where the triggers would just fall off.

PlayableGamez-517d ago

This is embarrassing.
I guess fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice shame on me and shame on you.

RpgSama517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

The worst part it's how nobody mentioned anything on the reviews, I guess reviewers just take it out of the box, see how it fits in their hands and try it for 1 hour before slapping a score on it.

RosweeSon517d ago

Yeah like most reviews incomplete. Look on iTunes for albums that aren’t even out yet and they have reviews from people who heard barely 2 songs 🤦🏻‍♂️😑 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

babadivad516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

"Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, ya, ya, ya can't get fooled again!!"

- George Dubya

CaptainHenry916517d ago

Wow especially for a $200 dollar controller

The Wood517d ago

2 bills.......damn thats premium pricing. Whats the price in the uk