PSU: Resistance 2 Review

Resistance 2 is a worthy successor to Resistance: Fall of Man. Don't resist the urge to pick this one up.

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Silogon3678d ago

These reviews just seem like they're sticking it to the developers more and more. It's almost as if these idiot review sites are daring these developers to make a better game the next round... Saying, "you did good but you fall short of greatness here's an 8 or an 8.5 we know you can do better."

Then they hope these developers take them seriously and act upon it. It's lame. I'm just glad the user scores of these high profile games are indicative of what they really are as opposed to what some idiot wanna be journalist has to say.

ultimolu3678d ago

Well said.

Insomniac improved on EVERY aspect of the original game. This game deserves at least a 9.

gametheory3678d ago

But it seems that the changes, like not being able to use every weapon any time you want, or like not keeping the identity of resistance intact by keeping the health packs and some health regeneration and instead borrowing from other FPS this generation just to satisfy those that had complaints. It also seems that the story is short or that others were expecting something better. Stupid xbox fanboys already spoiled a bit of the end to me and frankly it's disappointing.

Anyway, that doesn't mean reviewers should get any credibility, after all, they overlooked Gears of War 1 and 2 story length, the fact that Gears 2 doesn't have as many players or characters at one let alone the scope of resistance, the fact that it's only an improvement of the last game and not an overhaul like Resistance 2. Reviewers also overlooked the fact that Halo's storyline is horrible overall and it has very short campaigns. The multiplayer is the same as Halo 2 so why not offer it as a new expansion pack instead? Same for Gears 2, they could have just offered DLC extra episodes and extra modes and updates. That would have been faster and cheaper. I don't think R2 feels like an expansion pack unlike those games.

The only thing that I find really interesting is that those that gave resistance fall of man low scores and PS3 games in general gave great scores to resistance 2, while the opposite can be said for those that liked the first resistance, but again I don't believe them since R2 is much better. In the end I don't disagree or agree with resistance score's since they are subjective. What I disagree with is how contradictory and hypocritical reviewers are when it comes to Resistance, Halo and Gears, where they deduct points on R2 that were overlooked on H3 and Geow 2, and things that R2 did well aren't considered and again overlooked in those titles. That's why I read reviews as a whole and realize how much better R2 actually is when compared to these titles with high metascores but not much to substantiate those scores. It's not like those flaws are hard to spot on any game anyway.

Do reviewers still see Microsoft as an underdog that needs cheerleaders or what? Or are they on somebody's payroll? Or do they need to make themselves interesting by posting a review that's lower than expected?

3678d ago
Ju3678d ago

I agree with what you said about the identity the first game created which gets lost a bit in the second. And it creates some disappointment, at first. But only at first. Do I want my old Resistance back ? The Weapon Ring (its actually a ring not wheel :), or the health system ? Hell, yeah, I would. Can I live without. Sure can. It doesn't change the quality of the game.

I can only assume R2 is a game you start to appreciate after you play it for a while. And that's not after you've beat the campaign. Play it again, then maybe. Play the MP also, and your getting closer. But it really makes it a unique experience with its CoOp MP.

This is the part, where just noobs like me can enjoy a great multiplayer. The ranking system is well balanced, XPs help you to progress. Even if you are not top of the list, it is just a pleasure to play with others in, e.g. a support role. It is quite satisfying to just be a medic and or a specialist to make sure the guys with the big guns survive. Because its a team effort. I have not seen a game on consoles yet, which implements this in a similar way. The result is quite surprisingly different. The bad thing about it, its quite addicting, too. But that part alone would raise it above anything available, and thus would deserve the highest score for a mile stone achievement.

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Omega43678d ago

Im surprised a playstation centric site didnt give the game a score of over 9, im guessing MS's check book reaches further than just the multiplatform sites right?.....right?

Or maybe some games are good, but just arent as great as a lot of people think

So people should stop accusing sites of being one sided

ultimolu3678d ago

...That's not the point.
You missed the point, congratulations.

Foxgod3678d ago

Hes right, even if its not the point, people laughed at the 9 that OXM gave to Gears2.

Now PSU gives an 8.5 to R2, but do you hear anyone laughing ?

ultimolu3678d ago

"Hes right, even if its not the point, people laughed at the 9 that OXM gave to Gears2."

...I didn't laugh.

Foxgod3678d ago

perhaps you didnt, laught, but a lot of people did, and put down on GeOw2 for only scoring a 9 from an official Xbox magazine.

gametheory3678d ago

The problem is sometimes that reviews find lame reasons to deduct points, other times that reviews are inconsistent, either because they overlooked the same flaws on other games, or because the reviews state:

"Don't resist the urge to pick this one up. "

Which is misleading considering fanboys (especially on the Xbox side) think an 8.5, which proves how subjective and ultimately meaningless scores are.

Or maybe some games are good, but just arent as great as a lot of people think "

Or as I said, maybe scores are subjective and a 9 for you is a 8.5 for PSU.

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yoghurt3678d ago

to sum it up, it just seems when its a 360 game, it can be much of the same and still get 9.5/10 (gears of war 2), but when its a ps3 game and does much of the same (Resist 2, motorstorm 2) and in fact improves on most things, its just 'ok' and gets penelised for doing nothing new. You only need to read the reviews to see, its true!

Pennywise3678d ago

This game did everything new... I dont get it. The gfx are not worse than say everyones favorite GeoW2... but it will get bashed for graphics.

Dread3678d ago

This is amazing Sony fan boys are not satisfied on just calling a double standard on reviews. Every review done by a "neutral"web site that does not give high marks to a Sony exclusive is automatiaclly labeled as biased towards the 360 by the Sony defense force.

now a review from a Sony fanboy site gives it a review( which is very good by the way) and is not what the Sony fans like then, you guessed it, it is also biased towards the 360.

that is unbelievable. WOW.

Of course the possibility that this game deserves a 8.5 is unthinkable.

be gamers not haters


3678d ago
ultimolu3678d ago

I love how people like you assume that just because people are saying that R2 should have gotten a higher score, that means they're implying that 8.5 is a horrible score. 8.5 is by no means a horrible score, but me and others personally felt it could have been a 9.

That's all.

I don't see why you're making it worse than it is.

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Pennywise3678d ago

I want my reviews from people who play the game daily and have some kind of gaming knowledge.

It seems like these guys get the game, play for a few hours and leave it. They dont have clans/friends to play with. It is just a quick passing buy, slap a number and move to the next game.

doshey3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

well my review for this game is basically a nice 9.4, and i play this game like about every days now

SL1M DADDY3678d ago

Most of the folks that reviewed the game have little to no time in the multiplayer game and have run through the single player on casual only to get it out of the way and then post up mediocre reviews. IMHO, reviews are not needed for myself that is since I rent everything then buy the games that have legs and last a long time. I do however cannot stand when game review sites do not give a game a fair chance and rather than comparing it to it's prequel, give it bad marks when comparing it to another game entirely. I guess you could say that the game Resistance 2 is not the mediocre point here, it is just a mediocre review. I am playing the game right now and MHO of it is that the game is nothing short of a 9.5. Huge online and a good single player. What the game falls short on in single player, it makes up for in a huge online offering. The game has legs and it's well worth the 60 bucks.

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