Play the 2D Version of Mirror's Edge

Gaming Front: "In collaboration with Electronic Arts, Brad Borne and his team have created Mirror's Edge 2D with flash."

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Twiky3626d ago

I feel lost sometimes, don't know where to go, but guess I'm the only one 'cause everyone is so excited (I was/am also) about this game.

FunkYellowMonkey3625d ago

You can also play 2d version in Little Big Planet! :)

~funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)~

Alvadr3625d ago

Mirrors Edge in LBP is far superior

InMyOpinion3625d ago

This version had much better controls though.

psiom3625d ago

Thanks for that typical lame ass LBP trolling Jenzo.

Trying to unlock that broken record achievement?

Even sadder, your comment is not even true.

ar3625d ago

I have to disagree. This version captures the essence of Mirror's Edge in a far superior way.

psiom3625d ago

Meh. It might be closer to ME's feel of control.

Didn't like the feel of the Flash version though personally.

Either way, I was just having a dig :)

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3625d ago
dragunrising3625d ago

if you want to play the 2D version of Mirror's Edge play Little Big Planet. There are 2 amazing levels up on the servers already. Hopefully, the moderators won't remove the content. In my opinion, fans are doing a service to license holders. They are doing advertising...for free. There shouldn't be any moderated levels on account of copyright.

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