GRID Has a 40-Car Mode on Google Stadia That's 'Just Not Possible with Other Hardware'

Wccftech talked to Mark Green, Development Director for GRID at Codemasters, about the Google Stadia port and what makes it unique compared to the other versions of the racing game.

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ccgr630d ago

I bet my computer could handle it

indysurfn629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Only possible on stadia means it is exclusive. Pub is already 100 players. Plus we have PS5 and xbox two coming.

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Wasabi629d ago


***"I bet my computer could handle it"***

It's nothing to do with the power of your computer, OR the power of Stadia.

The reason it's possible for Stadia to support more players in online modes Vs other platforms is because all instances of the Stadia server blades are located in the same data centres.

Essentially it's like one huge LAN party.

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629d ago
Wasabi629d ago (Edited 629d ago )


***"If your internet can stream a game it can handle network data from 40 people"***

I've told you how it works.

If it were possible for devs to implement the same level of GRID multiplayer on other platforms, then please tell me why they haven't - it seems to me this would be a major selling point for their game, no?

If you want to bury your head in the sand, deny facts and continue banging the disagree button then please, carry on.

Sure, the sheep will agree as they don't know any better, but to the people that do, it's comical.

crazyCoconuts629d ago

A LAN party where everyone remote desktops into their PC. It's transferring CPU into the cloud at the expense of a huge increase in network demands, for better or worse.

629d ago
Wasabi629d ago (Edited 629d ago )


The network demand shouldn't be any greater than streaming a 1080p or 4K YouTube video, with the exception of a tiny overhead for controller input traffic.

Fair play to you though, at least you understand the concept of what I'm talking about.

There are other benefits - for example due to all the blades being located in data centres -client side cheating will become a thing of the past, bad connections will no longer have a lag advantage in peer to peer games either, lag switches will no longer work and streamers will not have to utilise their own bandwidth - as much like a YT or Twitch Stream the feed will be delivered centrally, also as a streamer, even if you're playing a game in 1080p , viewers can watch in 4K much like a YT video.

rainslacker629d ago

And yet, MAG supported 256 players on PS3. Transferring packet data isn't that hard to do, so if this is an online feature, I don't really see why it needs to be from a LAN type environment. It would make more sense if it was about it couldn't be done in SP with all the AI stuff that would have to be calculated. There are games which have 24 or 16 players on console, where the console acts as the server. Somehow, I think it's not an issue of Blade servers being faster, because user packet data is pretty trivial in size, and no matter what, the GPU will have to figure out the position from one spot to the next.

Wasabi629d ago


***"MAG supported 256 players on PS3"***

Maybe we should email the GRID devs and tell them to swap out the Stadia Blades for PS3's.

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Knushwood Butt629d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't streaming in this context a connection-less communication from a data perspective?

If so, how does that mean cheating will be eliminated just because the 'blades are in a data center'?

rainslacker629d ago (Edited 629d ago )


I'm discussing the number of people connected in response to the notion that it requires stadia servers to run the apparent massive number of 40 players.

Why would I bother looking for games with better graphics, as that has nothing to do with number of connections.

There are plenty of games which have more than 40 AI enemies on screen at a time. There are games which have more than 40 players online at a single time. They vary in graphics quality, so the notion that Stadia is required to do that kind of thing is just plain wrong.


That wasn't my point. My point was that such things are possible on the current gen consoles, because they were available on last gen consoles. They've been on PC for decades.

Wasabi629d ago


***"how does that mean cheating will be eliminated just because the 'blades are in a data center'?"***

Stadia users do not have access to local "client" side hardware so are unable to install hacks.


***"That wasn't my point. My point was that such things are possible on the current gen consoles, because they were available on last gen consoles"***

Sorry, forgot this /s.

Knushwood Butt629d ago

@ Fragnum

I don't cheat but the informative video on You Tube thst I just watched showed how to make a lag switch, and I believe that would work just as well with Stadia.

So I don't see how client side cheating will become a thing of the past.

Wasabi629d ago


***"I don't cheat but the informative video on You Tube thst I just watched showed how to make a lag switch, and I believe that would work just as well with Stadia"***

Absolutely not.

The only connection you could affect with a lag switch is the quality of your incoming video stream, it would have no effect whatsoever on the connection between multiplayer instances.

For a lag switch to be effective it would need to be installed WITHIN Google's data centres, between the server blade that you were using and the other players on different server blades.

JustTheFax629d ago

I think this person learned the word "blade" recently and is trying to work it into every sentence that they can!

demonic36629d ago

Waste of time Fragnum, let the people be ignorant as they fear what Stadia can do so they just make up stuff about it.

Wasabi629d ago


***"I think this person learned the word "blade" recently and is trying to work it into every sentence that they can!"***

I think this person has nothing constructive to add to the discussion so worked in an irrelevant comment instead.

andibandit629d ago


Mmo's sacrifice precision to get higher numbers, it's not like anyone is trying to do headshots in WOW

Knushwood Butt629d ago

@ Fragnum

I don't buy that at all.

The end user is inputting commands which are then sent back to the servers, just like any other online game. Therefore a lag switch and any other client side meddling work enable cheating.

Wasabi629d ago (Edited 629d ago )


***"I don't buy that at all. The end user is inputting commands which are then sent back to the servers, just like any other online game. Therefore a lag switch and any other client side meddling work enable cheating."***

Traditionally, a lag Switch creates artificial network disruption between your platform (the client) and other players by limiting bandwidth on the connection between your console in your home, and other users. This manifests itself in-game as players being unable to hit / shoot your character, effectively making you invincible.

You DO NOT have access to the physical network connection between the Stadia Blade server and other players that would be required to install a lag switch, it is physically located elsewhere in a data center.

If you were to use a lag switch on your home connection all you would be doing is messing up the video feed returned from Stadia and delaying the Stadia servers receiving your controller inputs, this would only serve to put you at a disadvantage. It makes absolutely ZERO DIFFERENCE to the link between the Stadia server blades communicating directly with one another in the data center.

The physical location of your platform in the chain matters, if you do not recognize this then there's nothing more I can do to explain.

milohighclub629d ago

Lol all these people saying their computers can handle it and pubg does 100 really dont get it.

When you play a game with 100 ppl in te same match, as stated above by the guy getting disagree bombed, they arent in the same instance it's a way of faking 100 ppl in the game.

When you play against 100 ppl you only actually have about 15/20ppl at a time. It will connect you to the people in your area. Ask yourself why you've never seen more than 20 people in these games at a time.

This stuff is only possible on cloud tech. (I am not a supporter of stadia and will be playstation again next gen as I have since ps1)

Battlefield has been doing 64 players for like a decade or more. Why have you never seen gameplay footage of 64 player all together? Why are you only in a team of 4 in large scales mode when it states 32 per team? Also why have we never had large scale racers prior? Because you would actually have to see all 40. If it was possible we would have seen it.

rainslacker628d ago

No sarcasm. I addressed a specific point that you made about Stadia servers somehow being able to handle a number of connections, and user data packets that consoles simply couldn't. I pointed out there were games that already do that.

As far as lag, they don't need to be installed within Google data centers. They also wouldn't affect the incoming stream, because you can lag switch only the upload if you want, which is what you usually do when you're trying to cheat. On top of that, Google servers will use the same rules to compensate for player lag within MP games that they do now. It's nothing special what they're doing on Google servers, and it's not going to wait for every single data pack to perform the netcode functions of the game. It'll process what it has, extrapolate what something is if it doesn't have that player data, spit out a result, then update and adjust on the next loop if need be. Messing with that formula to remove the potential for lag switching to be ineffective would essentially break the game for every player, and any player having any kind of connection issue at any point, regardless of cheating, would effect every player in the game.

I love how you always try to talk with authority on these subjects, yet always say things which aren't true, even though it doesn't even take a computer science degree to know these things. Love even more when you try to tell others that they need to learn things before speaking, which you've done to me and others several times.

rainslacker628d ago

So, Fragnum PM'd me this. I'm going to post it to show his ignorance, and then respond here to point out what's ignorant about it. I assume he's out of bubbles, and sure he'd love to do this himself, so I'm happy to offer the service on his behalf.

"Ref Lag switches ;

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

A lag Switch even when working on the upstream needs to be installed between the client hardware and servers or between the client and other users in a P2P network.

At this point, after reading your comments I simply believe that you nowhere near as intelligent as I initially gave you credit for."

My response

First, you don't seem to know what a client is. Client is the users hardware or software. There are several places where a lag switch can be installed in a users network to achieve this. Do you not even know what client hardware is? That's the local client. The software or hardware the user is using to access the remote server. In the case of Stadia, the client will be some hardware or software used to access the service, which will run through the users router.

I have twelve years working in IT. I have several degrees involving computer science and every imaginable MS and CISCO certifications that relates to networking of some sort. I know how networking works.

You want to act like you know what you're talking about, but you can't even show you know the definition of client and server.

Maybe you can explain how Stadia changes this client/server paradigm to help me understand how Stadia has somehow created a client that requires nothing at the users home or network.

You can set up a lag switch within your home router using nothing but port forwarding using a script. Not the most efficient way to do it, but it's possible. You switch the upstream, and not the downstream. They'll use different ports. If they use the same ports, which they don't, then yeah, it'll effect the downstream.

You like to say how unintelligent I am quite often to avoid explaining anything, despite you continuing to spew the same inaccurate information, and don't bother learning anything in the process. Seriously, go Google the things I say. It's all out there. I don't make the rules for the tech, I just understand them.

Do you really feel you're achieving anything with your comments, or that you think you are convincing me, or that by calling me stupid is a practical means to make me back down? Or do you just think you have won some personal victory and sit there feeling good about yourself for showing me up...which you haven't done in the least.

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fr0sty628d ago

Other hardware has low latency that just isn't possible on Stadia.

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Chris_Wray630d ago

I can only see this as a good thing, expanding the game massively and making even larger, more enticing races! That and it's a great game.

Jackhass630d ago

Just the beginning! Will be interesting to see where cloud gaming takes us.

Shiken629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

In your head, which is where cloud gaming should stay.

Seriously though, I am not trying ro shame anyone looking forward to it. I am just expressing my personal dislike for the entire Stadia model. Don't mind me.

Gamist2dot0629d ago

That's great and all but who wants to be the last 34 cars in a race?

bishup25629d ago

doesn't the Indy 500 have like 25 cars typically? traditional Le Mans is also 60 cars.

Knushwood Butt629d ago

Nobody, so most will rage quit.

porkChop629d ago

No. With VR you don't want any visual latency or it will likely make you sick.

Segata629d ago

HAHAHA! Oh man, cue the projectile vomit from the serious lag.