Is Killzone 2 Doomed?

All gamers remember the great debacle that was the 2005 target render of Killzone 2. Videogame fans all over the world were stunned to see the power of the PS3. The monster was out of the bag. PS3 would be the world's most powerful console ever. Then reality set in. While the first few years of the PS3's life cycle have seen a few lookers, (Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, MGS4) none of them have lived up to the expectations that the Killzone 2 target render had set. This combined with a lack of games is the reason that believe that Sony completely stumbled out of the gates with PS3.
Now just a few months away from the release of Killzone 2, gamers are starting to see just how powerful the PS3 is. Killzone 2 looks phenomenal. From what has been seen of it, it is hands down the best looking game on any of the current consoles, even rivaling the graphics of a high end PC. This is a game that quite honestly could sell itself solely based on graphics.
The problem Killzone 2 may have when it comes out, is not the game itself. is confident that all the time the game has had in development will pay off. The problem foresee is the same problem that has plagued all of Sony's big releases, total lack of advertising.

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sonarus3628d ago

I agree...KZ2 is a really good game and its the kind of game that will sell consoles. Looks fantastic plays fantastic...they need to put every ounce of marketting they can muster into it and advertise the crap out of it

jaysquared3628d ago

How did you get to play it already?

sonarus3628d ago

online is great...i just hope singleplayer can match

remanutd553628d ago

coming from a HUGE resistance fan , resistance2 and cod4 cant touch killzone2 online multiplayer, dont know the single player campaign yet cuz i havent played it yet but if its as good as multiplayer , i had the feeling that killzone2 online mp would be better than R2 so i got my code the day after i picked up resistance but didnt download it till i beat R2 single player campaign and tried a few online matches , turned out to be just what i expected. this game is a hit no doubt about it , oh by the way killzone2 beta make 98% of the ps3 games look like wii games lol

AAACE53627d ago

Sony will advertise KZ2 accordingly! Honestly... Once they show a commercial for the game and at the end say "Only on Ps3"... Gamers will flock to it just to see how great it is! Not to mention the fact that existing Ps3 owners are going to buy this game anyway for the same reason!

No worries, KZ2 will do just fine! As long as Sony gets those commercials on TV at least 1 month from release, and show them during popular times, it will be alright. Not to mention, they are releasing it during a window where there will be fewer games to compete with. It's almost guaranteed that KZ2 will sell 3 million easily!

gameraxis3627d ago

for our sake, sony just starts advertising ALL the hit games they have like they were gonna be released next week, even if just for christmas, let the people know what they have and push push push, gamers will only benefit from it, the better they do...

yea both systems are great, ok... but its kinda like sony's ps3 is becoming the best kept secret, makes me fear a discontinuation or something they know that we don't... GOD I HOPE NOT!!!!

if u disagree, read again, I'm not in any way saying they should discontinue, nor am i saying i think they will... so don't jump the gun

Sarcasm3627d ago

Sonarus, I added you on PSN.

BTW This article is just mentioning that advertising could make or break this game.

Which is for the most part partly true. Sony has really dropped the ball on advertisements for their biggest games.

I swear, if LBP or MGS4 or Resistance 2 was a 360 exclusive. My god, we wouldn't stop seeing ads all over TV or anywhere else for that matter.

Shame on you Sony.

Danja3627d ago

I agree dude...Sony really need to start realising that online hype alone will not sell the games..

Even though they have improved recently cuz i've seen R2 & M2 ads alot on tv...but they need to spend some money to start securing tv spots for the games and consoles , Gears 2 is all over the freakin tv..

thebudgetgamer3627d ago

like this one. this was one of my favs

Bob Dole3627d ago

Haha yeah, that was a good one. Sony needs another friggin mascot too. Sackboy anyone??

Alvadr3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Sonys advertising has improved since last year, they just still dont seem to be hitting the mainstream. They need to have an impact on average joe, make him feel like he must own the game,.

Jamegohanssj53627d ago

If you watch any WWE program you will see Sony's advertising at it's best. Last week on Raw they advertised to hell our of Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, the Ally PS3 commercial with LBP in the background, and Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 for Playstation consoles. On Smackdown they do the same thing. On ECW it isn't as much as those two, but they advertise. On Noggin(The N) they show LBP commercials all the fricking time, but I hardly see it on any other channel I watch besides G4. During football on Sunday they showed PS3 Mirrors Edge commercials also. Sony does advertise, but they go for the big things when it comes to advertising. The one thing they advertised the most was MGS4; they started in May and it ended in like September. You have to give Sony props for what they do.


Sarcasm3627d ago


Nobody's really saying Sony "Isn't" advertising. But it's more along the lines of what they're doing isn't working well enough.

They even miss some pretty significant things about the console itself. Like Free online play, built-in WiFi, and PSP Compatibility.

As much as I think Halo 3 was overrated by media and gamers, one cannot deny the massive massive advertisement campaign it had. Which helped halo 3 sell 5-6 million easily.

SL1M DADDY3627d ago

Wasn't it Sony that had two semi trucks going all around the city where E3 was held and showing exclusive, invite only footage of KZ2 and even had a website showing the tracking of the two vehicles? If I remember correctly and this was the case, how is it so that one would think Sony would ignore the launch of this game and forget to advertise? I for one could care less as sales do not make my game experience but in the end, I think Sony will actually fork over some cash to push this game as it seems to be a true example of what the system can do at this stage of the game.

Jamegohanssj53627d ago

At Sarcasm

I understand what you're saying because I have mentioned time from time in the past that Sony needs to advertise their PSN game too and also mention that online is free. If they could release one commercial that explains everything that's inside of the PS3, then they could sell a lot because some people still don't know a lot of things about the PS3. I had a friend ask me if a PS3 had free online like last week because he was going to get one to surf the web and such since he doesn't have a PC.


sumguy813627d ago

to the comment about WWE having a lot of gaming ads. i never thought about that, but obviously the gaming industry sees that a majority of WWE fans also play a lotta games. makes me sorta embarrassed to be a gamer...

Jamegohanssj53627d ago

That's a bold statement you make there. I don't care about certain people and they game, but it doesn't make me embarrassed to be a gamer. I've been watching WWF/WWE for almost 13 years, so that's almost an insult to me. It doesn't matter because I now understand why your bubbles look like they do.


Real Gambler3627d ago

Not that much for the games though. Remember, this is not Microsoft. They have sold 100 millions PS2, and most of those people get their news, particularly about games, from the net. So spending as much as Microsoft did on Halo 3, would be stupid since quite likely most PS3 and PS2 owners already know it's coming. Microsoft had to spend the advertising money because they not only sold the games, but they are also selling their console. I somehow think that for Sony, this kind of advertisement budget is better spent on new games.

Now, I totally agree that Sony doesn't advertise the console enough. Just a plain good 30 second ad, showing what a PS3 can do, telling everybody that online is free, and showing the top games, being showed regularly, could help move people who still have only a PS2, and bring new blood in.

PopEmUp3627d ago

DOOM 4 is pretty good scary but good, so what are we talking about again?

prowiew3627d ago

I agree completely and it is something ive been saying. Sony need to open their wallets. And I mean for everything, advertising, buying exclusives, exclusives downloads, etc. I saw one commercial for lbp and it sucks (the alley one). You need to put sackboy all over the place in this commercial, making him the star. I did'nt like lbp but I know that game could sell a lot of consoles just because he is so cute. Maybe with all the losse$$$ Sony is having and with the economy right now, they don't want to spend much.

godofthunder103627d ago

I have a 360 and wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything but i'm not a childish fanboy.I give credit where credit is due.I wish that KZ2 was on the 360 because i would buy it the day it comes out.

I think that it will be a great game maybe even game of the year.The problem is that i have a problem with Ps3 fanboys about this article.They are all saying that the online play is better then Other games and they never even played the finished game becvause it isn't even released.

I've also read where Ps3 fans are claiming that if R2 and LBP was on the 360 they would be top sellers.I'll agree with them on a certain point.R2 would have sold better on the 360 but it would still have sold less then halo3 and gears of war.On the other hand i have to disagree about LBP.The fact is that it still wouldn't have sold as well as it did on the ps3.The fact is that LBP is more for kids then hard core gamers.If LBP was on the wii then it would have sold a lot better.If Pps3 fans would be honest they would admit the truth.

My brother have a ps3 and he borred LBP from a friend of his who said that he didn't like the game hisself..He came over with his ps3 so we could play madded because i never bought it yet.We tryed LBP and neither of us liked it we couldn't even get into the game.On the other hand his 10 year old son liked it.

What i'm trying to say is that not ever game on the 360 or ps3 are good games like fanboys try to claim.Ever article that i've read written by a ps3 fanboy claimed that every game on the ps3 are great games but they wasn't marketed right and if they were they would have sold better then the games on the 360.They lso claimed that ever game on the 360 sux.360 fanboys are the exact way.They act like ever game on the 360 is good and ever one on the ps3 sux.

The fact is that they both have good and great games.Like i said before i have a 360 and i wish that R2 and Kz2 would be on the 360.On the other hand i think that LBp is a child game.The fact is that just because LBP and was suppose to be a big seller doesn't mean that it's a great game.The fact is that even the 360 had games that was suppose to sell like crazy and didn't.Just because a few people like LBP it doesn't mean that it's the greatest game that was ever made.The fact is that if it was on the 360 the ps3 fanboys would be saying it's a chilsih game and 360 fanboys would be saying it's a great game.The fact is that it's a childish game and it will never sell as well as other games.

remanutd553627d ago

if by any chance you were talking about me, well you are right i havent play the full game yet but killzone2 online beta is better than any fps online multiplayer that I have played(resistance,cod4,ut3). it does everything right but then again im just giving you my opinion , i think its gonna be a great game

Bits-N-Kibbles3627d ago

Get some famous people that everyone loves to say they play the game.

William Shatner for WoW.
Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, & A-Rod for Guitar Hero: World Tour

Just need to get someone that is very popular at the moment and have him say he plays Killzone 2 online and will see you there and kick your ass. Then you show gameplay and then they see how amazing it is and buy buy buy.

Damn, people should pay me this sh!t. LOL j/k

The Bits-N-Kibbles

INehalemEXI3627d ago

KZ2 is doomed to end up spinning in my dungeon all night come Feb. 09.

Mozilla893627d ago

I haven't seen a single Gears commercial yet so I don't think the advertising disparity is as big as some people make it out to be. In fact I rarely see any video game ads at all. In fact its ironic but the last one I remember seeing is Little Big Planet a couple days ago.

Megaton3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I've seen tons of Gears 2 ads, and they're all based on the great trailers we've seen this year. Sony's advertising has left a phenomenal title like LittleBigPlanet in the gutter with under 1 mil sales weeks after launch (unless it's crossed that line in the past few days).

Really does piss me off when the greats sell like crap because of horrible marketing. The people who created those games should be very angry, as they deserve the huge paychecks way more than the people who churn out titles like Madden every year. If Sony advertised like Microsoft, Sackboy would already be a household name, and at the top of every Christmas list belonging to anyone with an ounce of creativity.

I wouldn't be surprised if they treat Killzone 2 with the same cheap ass penny-pinching ad service, which is a damn shame.

Yipee Bog3627d ago

Its a pure blast, just the servers need some refining. Marketing I doubt will break this game, word of mouth will sell this one on its own. truly need to experience it to appreciate it.

XxZxX3627d ago

call of duty 4 was never as highly advertise like Halo 3. But the awesomeness of the games really sell it well. Sony should focus the money on developing good games and let's the end gamer have the benefit on good games, instead of wasting money on building hype.

AuToFiRE3627d ago

you and me both bro, that beta was epic, i think it still works till tomorrow, we should do some warzone man

ape0073627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

sony just do marketing like ms

my god can't believe lbp and R2 passed liked this,I feel they still didn't release

omg I feel like gears 2 has been TRULY released,ads,ads,ads,marketing everywhere,you truly feel like gears 2 was a TRUE main event

lbp,R2 and ms 2(specially this one,ms2) passed like they are 7 out of 10 games,sorry to say that,I know both R2 and lbp are so amazing but damn sony,ads,ads,ads,ads,pay,pay,p ay

imagine if lbp was 360 exclusive,imagine how GAINT the ad campaign will be,it will be like the end of the world

if ms has one better than sony,it is marketing

damnit sony,kz2 looks amazing,I swear if it was 360 exclusive,you'll see ads at the surface of the moon,in caves,in bottom of the sees,hell even you'll see ads and reviews in your grandma's pants,trust me

another thing,now look at nxe and home,sony's almost act like home is does not exist in this world,ms work hard to sugar coat nxe as much as they can,you can feel a storm coming 19 november

bottomline:if sony continued like this,ms will outsell them in exclusives,no doubt and ms will be one hard enemy to kill


ape0073627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

we are all experts here in n4g,we know everypiece of news


take 3 minitus and just think about the WHOLE gaming community,some check sites,some see ads,some play at thier friends house and etc.....

you'll have to tell all these different people about your product and suger coat it,make it look like,it's the end of the world,sales will increased

sony's respected workers,please ads,ads,ads

you see ads is just a big plane to start

1-pay to sites(could be ads in sites,big reviews,previews,overrating,et c,etc.)

2-more ads everywhere,in tv's,in xmb,I saw large gears 2 and nxe ads in the dashboard,even demo ads,more trailers,etc...


I'm so upset with Sony's advertising right now, they are stupid and it seems like they are not even trying, its like, their not hungry anymore like they used to be.


Tyris Flare3627d ago

What people or Sony Fanboy's don't realize is that Sony doesn't have any money to invest in Advertising right now. They pushed themselves to the limits to get the PS3 to $399. They are losing money. They can't afford to do another price drop. I think the Little Big Planet recall was an attempt at generating some controversy or get LBP in the spotlight since they couldn't afford to advertise it. It's a dark time for Sony because Playstation 3 users aren't supporting the system the way they should.

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oriol0033628d ago

Indeed when Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 came out I saw many ads on TV but for releases like Resistance and LBP I haven't seen a single ad yet.

Wildarmsjecht3628d ago

Ive seen ALOT of ads for LBP and pretty decent amount for Resistance in NY and NJ..where are you located? Maybe it's not predominantly shown there.

PoSTedUP3628d ago

ive only seen a couple R2 and motorstorm2 commercials in newyork, not too much advertising. i just seen that weird back ally ps3 commercial though, it makes me think that sony are gunna surprise us with something by the way those commercials are presented.

BTW they BETTER do MAJOR advertisement for KillZone2 man if they know whats good for them.

rucky3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Live here in the bay area. I've seen an R2 commercial once... right after a GOW2 commercial weirdly enough. I've also seen one for Need for Speed advertised by Sony a couple of hours ago. Need for Speed? Seriously? Sony must do more marketing for Killzone 2. Even a 5 second in-game video would be good enough.

ButterToast3627d ago

Im from North CA and haven't seen a single ad. WTF Sony get your **** together LBP and R2 should have been HUGE! scarcely placed miniature billboards aren't going to do it!

jtucker783627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I'm in the UK. I've seen loads of DS ads. Loads of Wii My Sims ads, but I haven't seen one LBP ad. Not a single R2 ad either.

I think the last ad I saw was Midnight club, but that was PS3 and 360.
And before that was GTA 4 on 360.
Apart from that it's like PS3 doesn't exist.

I firmly believe the sales figures we see for Wii is because they are advertised on TV every commercial break.

The Matrix3627d ago

I don't think I ever saw a commercial for Halo 3 and I never saw one for Gears 2. I did however, see many for Resistance 2 and Lilbigplanet.

INehalemEXI3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Im from North CA too, I rarely watch TV but I hardly ever see a playstation 3 ad. 360 is shown way more out here. were close to MS base here so..maybe thats why.

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omodis4203628d ago

I'm from cali and haven't seen hardly any ads for either game.

Fruit Loops3628d ago

SONY you need to advertise the hell out of this game!!!

P3628d ago

It looks and plays better than all other console exclusives

olivia3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

trying writing something negative about a ps3 here's this guy who said the game is so good it even rivals a high end pc title.and yet they their trying to find something to pin on you honesty think Sony would spend 60 plus million dollar on the game and not advertise the sh*t out of it come the fu*k on.n4g really needs to check the bull sh*t that get post towards Sony.

theKiller3627d ago

nop!!! it is dooming all FPS in its wrath(past FPS & 2009 one's)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3627d ago

...xBox 360!!! ;-D Not long to go...