TGP Mirror's Edge Review

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a bee. That's how you live life in Mirror's Edge, you're in and you're out, no looking back, and no questions asked. Do you have what it takes to be a runner? Well get your Nike's on because we're about to jump into another TGP Review.

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crystallakekiller3626d ago

this game really deserve the 9.5...its really great,i have so much fun,i just cant stop playing it!! this game is so addictive, i only have 1 complaint about it..theres no multiplayer,i would have love to play this game on coop or racing against a friend,or some kind of capture the flag without would have been so much greater than its already is,but i'm sure they'll create some kind of multiplayer in the sequel! but really this game is so innovative and so fun,i love it!

subzero93625d ago

yeah, other websites are giving it a 7 and other low numbers, but i bet those people who review the game are people who are to used to playing gears of war or super mario, they didnt like the game because it doesnt match the type of game they play so they give it a really low score.

crystallakekiller3625d ago

probably yeah, but even if i think gears of war 2 should win GOTY, mirror's edge should also be a contender,its that good!