Atomic: Edge of Twilight Interview

The genre of Steampunk is so artistically rich, so given to imaginative excess that it's surprising more games aren't founded in an environment of steam power and brass-plated technology. Alas, those of us with a penchant for Steampunk's elaborate mix of fantasy and science fiction have been left to go hungry between 16-bit greats like The Chaos Engine by The Bitmap Brothers and more recent efforts like Microsoft's Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

Australian developer Fuzzyeyes however, spotted the chance to land on the gaming scene with an adventure/RPG slated for release on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC that gives fans of Steampunk something to drool over. Atomic sat down with Mr. Lu, Wei-Yao, the CEO of Brisbane-based Fuzzyeyes studio to get some background on Edge of Twilight.

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