Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory now on indiegogo

Game long thought dead is still very much alive, but it needs the help of the gaming community to be released.

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addictedtochaos975d ago

Been following this game for years. Glad to see it isn't dead. It is currently awaiting approval on Steam Greenlight for those that would like to up-vote it.

nbell974d ago

Good to see, been wanting a good Steampunk game.

brave3050973d ago

I just donate a perk. I wonder why no one is interested at this game? I dont think $10 is too expensive for this game at all...

addictedtochaos973d ago

I think it is because it just isn't very well known. Share the story and indiegogo link, and use the hashtag #HelpEdgeOfTwilight.

brave3050972d ago

I was trying to convince a friend of my to donate. But he thinks the game is looking very old with old technology. I actually do not understand why he thinks that way.

addictedtochaos972d ago

Well, according to the developer the next gen versions (PS4 and Xbox One) have improved graphics.

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