Best Games of 2019 So Far

Best Games of 2019 So Far - There have been so many wonderful titles to come out this year, but there only a handful that are the cream of the crop.

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SegaGamer323d ago

Still Devil May Cry 5 for me.

tinchotin323d ago

And resident evil 2 and sekiro

DrDeath322d ago

Honestly re2 is my goty so far. It was extremely well done for the most part. This year has been pretty bland for big AAA games.

nowitzki2004322d ago

Have not played it yet. I will have to, everyone seems to like it.

CaptainObvious878322d ago

Does anyone else this this list is, frankly, horrible?

ClayRules2012323d ago

Days Gone for me. But Death Stranding is offering a wonderful/unique experience so far.

NecrumOddBoy323d ago

Outer Worlds is creeping up but Days Gone is currently my GOTY. It was an excellent game from start to that sweet platinum trophy. Once I finish OW, I will dive into Luigi 3 and Death Stranding.

ClayRules2012323d ago

I’m glad you’ve enjoying Outer iWorlds! Yeah, I loved Days Gone. Such a really good game. I hop enjoy Luigi’s mansion 3 & Death Stranding when you play them both!

nucky64322d ago

Days gone for me too. metro: exodus is second.

ClayRules2012322d ago

So glad you enjoyed it as well!

IamTylerDurden1322d ago


Days Gone, but Death Stranding has been an incredible experience so far. The creative minds that put this project together really are operating on another level. Say what you will about Kojima, but the man is a creative savant.

ClayRules2012322d ago

I agree, he most definitely is. The experience with Death Stranding is so riveting, fresh, and challenging. I love it.

Abcdefeg323d ago

Devil may cry 5 and sekiro

isarai323d ago

Think I had the most fun playing Devil May Cry V, but Sekiro, Days Gone, Resident Evil 2 and now Death Stranding are all some really great games i've played this year.

Petebloodyonion323d ago

Resident Evil2 and Devil May Cry5.

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The story is too old to be commented.