Another Hitman Game Is Already In Development

We’ll soon move away from Hitman 2.

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Rikimaru1977587d ago

i think they need to change up this game a bit. Keep the play style but give 47 some mma moves. or combine Hitman with splinter.

Giblet_Head587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

"or combine Hitman with splinter" They did that already. It was called Absolution and it sucked hard. Worst entry in the main series.

SephirothX21587d ago

You don't say? I thought developers just sat around all day doing nothing for months after a game's release...

Iamnothuman12587d ago

bring it on. i loved the first two. I get to live out my murderous fantasies.

Fritzwochel587d ago

This is a series that could flourish on the added capacity of the next gen of consoles. Better AI and much more environmental physics to play around with to kill.