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AlienHiveMind writes: "After a slow start, VR gaming looks to dominate the next generation."

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ApocalypseShadow684d ago

Decent article that hits on the right points. VR is here to stay. And, VR is improving and growing its base. It's the truth. It's not Wii motion controls or 3D TVs from Sony. VR is beyond those two but still supports those things with motion controls for increased immersion and the fact that you can watch 3D content and 3D Blu-ray discs. I finally bought a $5.99 Blu-ray movie and watched Judge Dredd on PSVR. It was great. Strange thing though is that PSVR or VR doesn't bother me. But 3D gives me a weird headache. So I had to watch in bits. That may not effect everybody though.

Anyway, that's not even touching on the fact that VR is being used in business, construction, school teaching, real estate sales, music and movies (a John Wick scene was created based on VR) the medical field, dental field, science, etc. Something motion controls and 3D TVs never went into or could enter at the same level. VR is legit.

The only thing I'll keep saying though is that the Virtual Boy was not a VR headset and never claimed to be by Nintendo. They used the word for marketing but there's no technology built in it for VR and you couldn't wear it. Why it keeps being brought up is anyone's guess. It's not VR. I tried it. It's not. It's more of an evolution of Nintendo 3D glasses like for Rad Racer, Nintendo 3D Famicom system and predecessor to 3DS.

ramiuk1684d ago

why judge dredd ?is it a 3d movie or something?
problem with VR at moment is resolution and blur

ApocalypseShadow683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

I watched it regular already but Judge Dredd is one of the most talked about movies to watch in 3D. The Blu-ray disc does have the option to watch it regular so I may end up watching it that way most of the time. I don't buy Blu-ray movies because I bought enough VHS tapes and DVD movies. I'm not buying again. But it was cheap. I may buy Avatar though if it's cheap to watch that since everyone mentions it. I watched that already but it's a good movie.

Not all VR is blurry. And PSVR isn't perfect. But if you keep waiting for perfection, you'll end up with nothing. Or, lack of support can kill new products and you end up with nothing when it had potential.
It's fun. It works. And you can play VR today on console, on PC and stand alone with Quest. It only gets better from here.

If gamers like me didn't buy Pong for black and white TVs with RF connectors, or buy games for NES and Sega Master System with scan lines or ugly but hella fun PS1 polygon games, we wouldn't be where we are today. Not everything is perfect right off the bat.