Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare remains the series' lone bright spot this gen

GR: "If one series truly defined the seventh generation of consoles it was Call of Duty. Sadly, the series has struggled to reach the same heights on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and only Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare feels like the previous era of innovation and top-notch storytelling."

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Killa78684d ago

I quite enjoyed it but I think black ops 3 was the high point.

Modern warfare could be if a few tweaks are made and the new maps are good.

Baza684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Story wise.. black opps 3 was all over the place. Modern Warfare story is so much more cohesive and actually makes sense.

Immorals684d ago

Black ops 3 was terrible. The story was absolutely atrocious.

Knushwood Butt684d ago

I quit that campaign after about an hour. All I remember is some crappy robot drone combat R2D2 thing that you had to use. I didn't make it past that.

Epicor684d ago

For me the Black Ops installations have always been the high peaks in terms of PVP mode. Black ops 3 campaign was pretty bad though. Advanced Warfare's campaign was pretty good, one of the best ones - but PVP was bad!

gamer9684d ago

LOL Advanced Warfare, too funny

684d ago
Kabaneri684d ago

The campaign was OK, but the guns sounded like cap guns and the multiplayer maps were not memorable at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.