Top 10 Call Of Duty Killstreaks Of All Time

Call of Duty has introduced some of the most unique killstreaks, from the Mothership to the K9 Units. There's enough Killstreaks to compile a list of some of the most interesting ones spanning across 12 games. Here's a list of the Top 10 Call Of Duty Killstreaks based on originality and creativity.

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Karlsh1584d ago

The swarm was the craziest scorestreak. I remember everyones reaction was "wtf" when they got it. You would get kill after kill non-stop. It was the most satisfying one of them all

fundy1584d ago

Agreed. There hasn't been anything else that impressed me as much as Swarm.

Relientk771583d ago

Swarm is really unforgiving lol when someone gets that you are screwed

Relientk771584d ago

I love my Chopper Gunner from Black Ops 1

So good <3

saczko1583d ago

As a die hard COD player, this is a decent list I have to say, well done, however, you missed probably the greatest scorestreak in my opinion, the MotherShip from BlackOps 3.