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Rob Pitt writes: The 7th Guest is a cult classic puzzle game amongst older gamers like myself. It was one of the first CD-Rom games I owned for my PC back in 1993 and absolutely scared me to the point in which I couldn’t play it with the lights off and never had the courage to complete it at the time.

Looking back on this, after playing through it from beginning to end a few days ago, it seems very silly as it’s more cheesy than scary. However, the early ’90s was a different time, this sort of interactive FMV media was new and there was no internet to dilute young children from this sort of creepy experience.

To mark the 25th anniversary, Trilobyte Games teamed up with MojoTouch to touch up and re-release The 7th Guest on both Steam and GoG.

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Jimboms392d ago

This game is absolutely mental

rob-GP392d ago

True - it was a lot less scary replaying it this weekend though. But, I wanted to get through it before I jumped into The 13th Doll, the fan-made sequel which was official endorsed by Trilobyte to use likenesses of the mansion and characters - it even has the original Henry Stauf actor in it!

We have a review of that coming soon as well.