Playtonic would ‘love to make a new Banjo-Kazooie'

The studio ends speculation it’s in discussions to work on Rare IP.

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PhoenixUp720d ago

Y’all couldn’t even get the first Yookah-Laylee to feel better today than the first two Banjo-Kazooie games

-Foxtrot719d ago

Banjo Threeie could be amazing

Just please write Banjo Nuts and Bolts off as a joke that never happened

I do hope Playtonic do another full on 3D platformer going off the feedback from Yooka Laylee, we need a true sequel, not the 2.5D one they did

darthv72719d ago

It may not be the 3 we want but I wouldn't write N&B off. It is still a fun game.

-Foxtrot719d ago

Not really, it was okay but it was a new IP, probably would have been better as a new IP least then you could cut it some slack.

Banjo Threeie needs to happen. A proper main numbered game.

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SixEye719d ago

Be so awesome to get a new Banjo game, but well wait and see.

FlyingFoxy719d ago

Wish they'd get the rights to Conker and Banjo, tbh I think I'd rather see a new Conker, since there's little/no adult games like that.

MS is obviously going to do jack spit with those games, pointless even owning the rights to them.

FanboySpotter718d ago

A playtonic conker won't have the same feel to it. Robin Beanland(composer) is with rare not playtonic.
Beanland did conker, jet force gemini, killer instinct, sea of thieves music. Most of the old banjo team is with playtonic now(same people that created banjo on cars)

ScoreBunnie719d ago

I'd rather they not, Yooka Laylee wasn't good.

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