It's Been 15 Years of Sony's Killzone Failing (Spectacularly and Ironically) to Kill Off Halo

Mandatory: "Killzone was supposed to take PlayStation's popularity to new heights. Fifteen years ago, Sony released the video game with the intention of killing one of the biggest franchises in gaming, but it didn't quite work out that way."

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ritchi451684d ago

I have to disagree with the second point about Killzone 2 not living up to the E3 reveal trailer. For me, the sequel bested the trailer, and went further. The weight and feel of the movements and weapons, as well as a stellar multiplayer experience, made it one of my favourite FPS titles.

TheScotsman1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Killzone didn't need to kill halo, it went and shot itself in the foot and killzone had nothing to do with it

_SilverHawk_1684d ago

Halo hasn't been relevant for over a decade now just like gears of war and its Microsofts fault. Gears and halo were big franchises but Microsoft didnt care enough to nurture them and have them stay relevant or get bigger. With each iterations the games quality and production value should be bigger and better than previous entries. Look at sony exclusives like uncharted, god of war, the last of us among a lot other games and you'll notice sony tries to make the sequels production value a lot greater than previous entries. The last few halo games were mediocre to rubbish just like the gears games. They were once colossus but now they barely sell.

1683d ago
NarooN1683d ago

The author of the article is completely incorrect when they said "Sony launched Killzone with the intent of killing Halo". Literally nobody at Sony NOR Guerrilla ever made that statement, it was the gaming journalists who said that, and it was a bad and lazy generalization even back then. Outside of the two games being FPSes, there were hardly any similarities behind them. Completely different games.

FanboySpotter1683d ago

Idk about that. Even 343's halos outsold killzone games during 343's time with xbox. (343's Halo 4 outsold killzone 3, 343's halo 5 outsold kz sf) "Shot" at foot or not killzone could've made a good comeback like halo infinite but they just gave up on the ip it seems

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janus2251684d ago

The multiplayer was beautiful!

jjb19811684d ago

Radec Academy made boys into men.

Razmiran1684d ago

I guess they are talking about the graphics? But yeah, the game in general was pretty amazing

Kornholic1684d ago

Graphically the finished version looks a lot better than the E3 trailer. It's not even a question. The E3 trailer features clunky animation and poor textures among other things.

rainslacker1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I thought faze was supposed to be their halo killer

Wasnt it just the media saying killzone was supposed to be the halo killer?

Genuine question...because I never paid attention to that stuff, because halo never needed to be killed for Sony to make any headway. Halo wasnt some sentinel standing at the gate preventing sonys success

capjacksparrow1683d ago

KZ2 is still one of my favorite multiplayer experiences. Loved it.

badz1491683d ago

KZ2 is still one of the best FPS ever made!

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ArchangelMike1684d ago

Talk about not being able to see the woods for the trees.

Firstly Sony never said Killzone was going to be a "halo killer". That phrase was coined by fanboys. And even GG came out publicly to say they were never interested in that fan boy war - https://www.destructoid.com...

Moreover, when it comes to the bigger picture, Microsoft has been so thoroughly beaten by Sony this Gen, that even they have admitted that they need more exclusives than just Halo, Gears and Forza.

It turns out Sony never needed a Halo killer in the end, they just needed high quality AAA exclusive games. They didn't just bring one to the table - they brought an army of exclusives; and MS ran to the hills and won't even publish their numbers anymore.

So what's your point? How exactly has Halo helped MS this gen? MS will have to bring much more than Halo next gen to even consider going toe-to-toe with Sony.

Gaming4Life19811684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Well your right it was sony fanboys screaming halo killer not the developers. Halo is still the best exclusive fps and forza is the best exclusive racing game and gears is on top as the best 3rd person cover shooter. I agree that ms does need more games under their belt and desperately so but they do have great games.

I liked killzone 2 but it was not that e3 trailer that was shown and they should make a new one not a remaster.

Sony did destroy MS this gen and now MS has learned a valuable lesson from it. The future of xbox and gaming period is looking better for it cause really it's about all gaming companies doing good and bringing us a variety of great games.

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Gaming4Life19811684d ago


Metacritic is fact for you but just knowing that people go on their just to boost or downgrade games shouldnt be something you use as pure fact.

Uncharted never overtook gears because uncharted is a action/adventure game more comparable to tomb raider and gears is a straight up shooter.

Gran turismo has been fell off as the best simulation racer and yes I own the game. The Forza series has been dominating racers since forza motorsport 4 and forza horizon.

I am definitely not a troll but that's cool if you think so.

IRetrouk1684d ago

Agree with not using metacritic to base an argument on, it's just others opinions amalgamated, much better to use your own experiences when talking about games, How has gt fell off though? If each gt has sold more than each forza? When did forza dominate? Sport sold over 8 mill, and it's an offshoot, not even a numbered entry, if that's falling off I wanna fall too.

neutralgamer19921683d ago

Gaming lol

Last Gen it was all sales well guess what uncharted has sales and GOTY awards

GT:sports is all world sum racer on consoles. Officially licensed BTW by actual racing organizations. Unlike ms Sony doesn't need yearly GT games. GTS had so much free content they just releases a disk version with almost all the updates. GT is the king of sim racing and brand recognition is with GT

Halo was the IT FPS but it's been beaten by 3rd party games and every halo game since halo 3 has seen a decline in sales and reviews

andibandit1683d ago


I wouldn't sell Uncharted as a Cover Shooter, in my book it's an action adventure game, with elements of shooting and other stuff.

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Elimin81684d ago

My my my. Well said friend.

rainslacker1683d ago

I think it was more the COD marketing rights that helped MS last gen. Probably helped sony this gen. Halo was a system seller, but it's a single game in a single genre, and 360 had more going for it that sony would have to kill if that was how they were trying to compete

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Movefasta19931684d ago

One of the biggest gaming tragedies of this gen is no Killzone 2 remaster, in a gen full of pointless remasters smh.

bluebenjamin1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

It stil looks good on ps3 on a 4k bravia its the most grittiest look to Killzone and it actually adds to the mood of the game give it another shot

Movefasta19931684d ago

1080p/60 remaster with the online servers back and all the dlc maps would have been better .

KwietStorm_BLM1684d ago

Much rather have 1080/60 with a pro controller and HDR.

bluebenjamin1684d ago

You will be surprised how good your ps3 looks on a 4K tv I was surprised myself I went back to gtaV super hacked edition and played some black ops Zombies. Killzone 2 at 720p upscaled on a capable television set looks awesome turn on motion to multiply the frames you see on screen it’s bootleg but still looks good give it a shot if you miss it that much ps3 is rather cheap and is still a superior multi media device than the current gen offerings

KwietStorm_BLM1684d ago

The best TV/monitor on the planet is not going to change how a game is actually rendered, much less how it performs. I've had a PS3 and Killzone 2 since they've been a thing. The whole point is I want a better version of the game, and that's not possible on old hardware.