The Shelving Of Killzone Leaves a Hole In PlayStations First Party

With the future of Killzone in question, it leaves a hole that might not be easily filled in PlayStation's first party line up.

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Knightofelemia37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Same goes with Resistance another great title that has been shelved.

_SilverHawk_37d ago

I don't think these games are gone. Also insomniac has been teasing resistance for over a year so I expect to hear about that franchise soon or sometime this year

Vengeance113836d ago

*Had been shelved, though most likely not anymore with all the Insomniac teasing.

phoenixwing36d ago

If they make a new Resistance game it better not be a cod clone.

Vengeance113836d ago

Why would it be a Cod clone? A new Resistance would be a.. Resistance clone with Resistance style gameplay. This is Insomniac, they don't do ripoffs.

solideagle36d ago

lol Insomniac don't do ripoff and Spiderman is copy/paste of batman even some of the side quests. I have not played it myself but my friend was saying its shameless how much copy/paste insomniac has done from batman games.

Vengeance113836d ago

Must have missed the sections in Batman Arkham where hes web swinging from area to area or juggling a whole group of enemies in the air at once.

P_Bomb36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

“... my friend was saying its shameless how much copy/paste insomniac has done from batman games.”

He wasn’t around for Spider-man on PS2 I take it? Parker was juggling back when Bruce was still struggling with Dark Tomorrow.


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aaronaton36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The lack of 1st party multiplayer titles is shocking, i was bleak even on PS4 compared to PS3:

Killzone 2,3
Warhawk, Starhawk
Socom Confrontation and Socom 4
Motorstorm 1,2
Twisted Metal
Resistance 1,2
TLOU (multiplayer)
Uncharted 2,3 (multiplayer)

The list goes on and on.
I get that they are great at 1st party single player experiences, but the appeared abandonment of multiplayer enabled titles (or even news of, for that matter) is pretty miserable.

JEECE36d ago

Unfortunately Sony would make good multiplayer titles, but people on Playstation would largely ignore them in favor of more generic third party stuff, so as much as I miss their output, I can't blame them for focusing on games people actually buy.

Sophisticated_Chap36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

This is exactly why I dropped off Playstation after watching the PS4 launch. Almost all of those games were completely non-existent on PS4, with the exception of a very mediocre Killzone game, and a God of War game, Uncharted game and TLOU2 game that came out towards the end of the PS4 generation.

Last gen I switched to Xbox for a different experience since Playstation started charging for online, which leveled the playing field with Xbox Live, and didn't have any of the games I liked (most of which are in your list). For all of Xbox's faults, I was able to experience the 360 generation games through backwards compatibility, plus I was able to play the newer gears games and Halo games, which were a lot of fun. Titanfall was pretty awesome in the early Xbox One days also.

SmokinAces36d ago

No it doesn't leave a hole it makes room for something else. Cool doom and gloom article though.

RyanShutup36d ago

Resistance and KZ need a revival.

Silly gameAr36d ago

They can't work on new games and try new things? I doubt Killzone is gone forever, but I'd rather they work on new potential franchises, and when they do go back to Killzone, they'll have fresh, new ideas.

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