Sega's commitment to better localization brings more Western players to popular Japanese franchises

Sega of America's Jon Riesenbach talks to GameDaily on localizing the Yakuza Collection and the internal localization processes between Sega and Atlus.

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Wasabi758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

Great to see SEGA still in the industry and doing well after all these years.

It saddened me to see them leave the hardware market after the ill fated Dreamcast, a shame as DC was a superb console with amazing features and tech that were way ahead of its time.

More than happy that the Yakuza series has found a market in the West and is able to reach a larger player base through the efforts of the localisation teams.

MrSwankSinatra758d ago

I mean its really SEGA's own fault for them leaving the hardware business, specifically SEGA Japan.

Segata758d ago

Yup. They managed money as well as Paul Heyman.

Wasabi758d ago (Edited 758d ago )


***"I mean its really SEGA's own fault for them leaving the hardware business"***

They made a superb product that unfortunately (for SEGA) didn't resonate as well with consumers as its competitors did. This happens.

***"specifically SEGA Japan"***

I don't agree, SEGA Japan set a sales target and cut off date to ensure the company's survival because the Dreamcast was hemorrhaging money and putting the company at risk, it was not SEGA Japan's fault. Peter Moore made the final call, because despite his best efforts the Dreamcast never found the market it deserved.

rainslacker757d ago (Edited 757d ago )

Sega's problem wasn't lack of resonating with the customers, it was because they didn't manage their money well before they released that console, and released a lot of hardware which didn't do enough to catch consumer interest, and they barely supported them. It's their own fault that the consumer lost faith in them, and what hurt them more was that the gaming industry lost faith in them after the way they handled various add ons, and the Saturn launch which Sega moved up by months, and they weren't ready for.

Dreamcast itself wasn't hemorrhaging money, Sega as a whole was. They had no choice but to leave the hardware market because they just couldn't afford to be in it anymore without going bankrupt.

I love the dreamcast, and even the Saturn and SegaCD. But Sega just screwed up a lot, and it was Sega Japan which got them in the situation that they were in which led to having to pull the plug to make sure that Sega itself survived. But the reality of the situation was that it probably would have happened even if Dreamcast was wildly successful, because Sega Japan had a problem managing it's productions, and couldn't comprehend that Sony wasn't going to just hand the market over to them.

Muzikguy758d ago

I'm waiting for the physical release of the collection so I can have all the Yakuza games. I'm glad for the localization of them.

TheRealTedCruz758d ago

Keep bringing the Yakuza releases to the PC, and you'll have a customer in me. They do well on the PC in general. Got '0' for rather cheap, and ended up loving it. Now there's another on Humble Monthly I'm excited to play. After that, I am happy to support the series and buy the games outright, when I can.

Not that I don't enjoy taking advantage of the good deals thus far.

neutralgamer1992758d ago

Yakuza Ishin and other side entries to the west

King_Noctis758d ago

Bring all the Yakuza spinoffs to the west then. I dare you, Sega.

Melankolis758d ago

Yeah. We, fans of Yakuza had a hard time convincing you Sega. And now listen this, you still owe us Isshin & Kenzan.

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