Top 7 Delayed Games (Totally Worth Waiting For)

Game delays can be heartbreaking. But sometimes, a little more time can make a big difference. In the case of these seven games, maybe being patient is a good thing.

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ApocalypseShadow354d ago

I stopped waiting for Golem. If it turns out well, then that'll be great. Only thing is my care level has dropped to a 1.

I'm more waiting for Iron Man and Espire 1 that were delayed. These 2 titles definitely have that flagship level for VR. A Marvel property with action and a Metal Gear/Splinter Cell like sneaking game that hopefully makes the developers and gamers proud.

ChrisW354d ago

I'd rather have a delayed game than a Day-1 patch that is close to the original game size, then additional patches weeks and months later to fix the crap that SHOULD HAVE been fixed way before release.

If I were every lucky enough to own a game publishing company, I would make that my #1 rule!!!

PlanetShadow354d ago

The Last Guardian and FF15 was totally worth the wait.

I remember waiting for a while for Persona 5 as well.