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Spanner from The Escapist writes:

"My parents used to go on and on about how much they played outside when they were kids, extolling the virtues of exercise, fresh air and sunlight that our generation, as beneficiaries of the first home videogame systems, denied ourselves.

At the time, I wholeheartedly believed they'd have taken to their sofas to play Atari Football instead of toiling away outside if given the choice. Which is why it was probably more difficult for me, a lifelong gamer, to accept the Wii as readily as the "family orientated" players that Nintendo has so successfully targeted. All those years learning joypad, keyboard and mouse control techniques suddenly became void. Nintendo expected people to jump around and wave their arms for entertainment - and we've been jumping around and waving our arms ever since.

We now find ourselves in a time when games - the best games - are physically interactive. But as my mother would undoubtedly point out, we still play these games inside. We're a step closer to exercising while we play, but all that fresh air and sunlight has yet to break through the hermetic seal of contemporary entertainment."

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