Should You Buy Nintendo Switch Lite Over a Nintendo Switch? — Bad Bit Games

This episode of Bad Bit Games, host Joseph will talk about replacing his Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch Lite and whether you should buy a nintendo Switch Lite VS an Original Nintendo Switch. In this review Joseph will tackling screen size, battery, and all his Switch Lite Impressions. Should you hold off for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Limited Edition Switch Lite or forget it and buy a new Nintendo Switch?

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Tross450d ago

About the only advantages I've heard other than saving $100 is that the Lite is slightly smaller which helps with portability, and that everything looks a little more crisp on the smaller screen than with a standard Switch in handheld mode. There's an extra half hour of battery life over the original Switch, but the new model Switch has quite a bit more battery life over that, so that's not an advantage. The lack of colour choices is kind of off-putting to and that's not even mentioning the probability of unfixable Joycon drift. On top of that, a lot of functionality is sacrificed. I really don't get the point of the Lite.

Wasabi450d ago (Edited 450d ago )


***"I really don't get the point of the Lite"***

It's a stripped back, cheaper and more ergonomic version of the original that is geared towards gamers whose usage requirements value portability over the need for a traditional home console.

Think someone looking to replace a 3DS rather than a PS4 or Xbox One.

Tross450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

I suppose so, but wouldn't someone who values portability want the model with the best battery life? Also, call me when they finally roll out red and/or black options, and are you insinuating that people value portability enough that they don't care if their system has a high risk of permanent drift?

Neonridr450d ago

@Tross - define high risk? I'm willing to wager that the number of people with drift is still considerably low. You just don't hear about the people with working controllers so naturally it seems bad. The Lite not having removable joycons definitely puts you at a different risk since you can't remove the controllers and replace them, but I still have yet to experience any on my regular joycons and I am 2.5 years in with them. So take it for what you will I guess.

The Switch Lite is designed for the people who only wanted the handheld functionality and a more compact profile.

I'd still recommend the full Switch since it gives you options as to how you play.

ZeekQuattro450d ago

If your like me and play your Switch docked and portable almost equally get the original Switch or even better the one in the red box because it has better battery life. If you think you'll use it exclusively in portable mode get the Lite. Because It's all one piece it is also more durable than the other models.