EA Teases Unannounced Games, New Battlefield in FY 2022, Next-Gen, New Projects at BioWare & More

Today, during EA's conference call for investors and analysts, the publisher's executives talked about the future and the next generation of consoles.

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mch2011uk1306d ago

More broken and monetised games

indysurfn1306d ago

Hmmmm let me make this a little more honest...: EA teases unknown Micro transactions! Really!, it is literally unknown Micro transactions. They will say they have no "plans" for MT's then release MTs after people start playing it. So they are unknown (to the player that is).

RacerX1306d ago

M... T... SPORTS.... It's in the game (behind a pay wall)

UltraNova1306d ago

Activision beat them to it, EA gotta step it up now...

VenomUK1306d ago

A remastered Mass Effect collection in 4k in time for next-gen would be a nice gifrt to the fans waiting for Mass Effect 4, and I believe it would sell very well.

Limitedtimestruggle1306d ago

I am all for another Battlefield in a few years time. DICE obviously needs their time to avoid another Battlefield V horror release.

execution171306d ago

They should just let LA Dice hire more people and let them work on a Battlefield or another Medal of Honor

anonymousfan1306d ago

A return to bad company would be nice

annoyedgamer1306d ago

Why does everybody blame the developers when its clearly EA that is at fault?

1306d ago
UltraNova1306d ago

Yeah they'll probably do an a female lead, MT filled Bad Company game next.

criticalkare1306d ago

New project at bioware...

Thats scaring me right there....

1306d ago
anonymousfan1306d ago

Hard to believe that studio was responsible for the Mass Effect trilogy. Just a shadow of it's former self. I am somewhat relieved EA didn't shut them down yet... They produced only disasters this gen except for inquisition. Still hoping they will turn that sinking ship around!

TheColbertinator1306d ago

Bioware needs some life support.

DrShoe1306d ago

Someone needs to keep them off the soy

SprigganN4G1306d ago

So next BF will be 100% next gen. Nice! Wanna see a big leap

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