The Witcher 3 Wasn't That Great

No game from this generation has earned more praise and approval from fans and critics alike than The Witcher 3.

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TheOptimist332d ago

This is one moronic piece of journalistic crap if I have ever seen one. Apart from being redundant, all arguments that we already have seen in the past.

Comparing Witcher 3 (An open world) combat to Dark Souls (An almost Metroidvania'esque world) combat is just the start. Complaining about complexity of combat? Typical 2019 journalist. All you gotta do is make potions, apply oils and look for other weaknesses.

Side quests complaining? AAAAA.... Someone ban these shitheads.

Also, the article states: "Unless you were running the game on a high-end PC, it was a mess at the time of its release."

Like dude, you gotta be a real smart journalist to post an article in 2019 and complain about its initial issues.

TheGoodestBoi332d ago

You just have to look at this morons previous submissions to understand: "Mass effect 3 is perfection" and "Final Fantasy 13 saga is underappreciated"

mikeslemonade332d ago

Agreed. Bloodborne > Witcher 3. Bloodborne is Game of the Generation

yoshatabi332d ago

@mike. I loved both games to death but the Witcher takes the Cake

332d ago
TheRealTedCruz331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


It's great that you have an opinion. Bloodborne is great. That said, they're very disimilar games.
It's like saying the Godfather is better than Juno.... Okay .... based on what metrics? They were two highly different experiences.

Gaming101331d ago

Well to be fair, Mass Effect 3 was perfection right up until that crap ending. Kind of like Game of Thrones.

But yes, Final Fantasy 13 was balls.

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Brave_Losers_Unite332d ago (Edited 332d ago )


The guy who submitted these \/ pieces from the same site

"Breath of the Wild is The Most Overrated Game of All Time"
"Xenoblade is The Best RPG Series Ever"
"Mass Effect 3 is Perfection"
"Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game"
"Ocarina of Time is Still the Greatest Game of All Time"
"The Nintendo Switch is The Best Console"
"Gears 5 Will Be Game of the Year 2019"
"Breath of the Wild 2 Will Be Better Than BOTW"
"Modern Warfare will be the Best Call of Duty Game of All-time"
"Epic Games Store is what PC Gamers Need"
"Nintendo Has Won 2019"
"Nintendo Will Dominate 2019"
"E3 2018: Spider-Man Preview - Very Good, But Overhyped | VGCultureHQ"
"Sony's Lack of Support for Cross-Play Has Made Them a Villain"
"Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is More Enjoyable Than Breath of the Wild"
"Single Player Games Are At Risk of Becoming Obsolete"
"Microsoft is Playing the Long Game Contrary to Sony"

Also.. vgculture used to have multiple accounts on here that praised the articles from their site.

TK-66331d ago

So if I look through your comments and find a few dumb statements does that make everything you say dumb?

Use some intelligence and learn to debate the points in the article.

SixFragz331d ago

Oh snap...

You exposed the sh!t out of that boy LOL.

jeromeface331d ago

clickbait for everyone....

adamwparker331d ago


I love the back to back opinion pieces that say:
"Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game"
"Ocarina of Time is Still the Greatest Game of All Time"

Well.....which one is it? lol

carcarias331d ago

Haha, nice one.

I particularly like the claim that Ocarina is the best game of all time and yet somehow not the best Zelda.

Trash site and trashy, clickbait 'journalism'.

annoyedgamer331d ago

Thats literally just clickbait

TheGoodestBoi331d ago

"Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game"
"Ocarina of Time is Still the Greatest Game of All Time"
How does that work 🤔

Rare331d ago

It sounds like a prepubesent game reviewer that allows their personal opinion to override every aspect of the game they are reviewing..

It's not even click bait.., it's an immature out of touch man baby with a high horse syndrome..

windblowsagain331d ago

When you say any Mass effect game is Perfection, you know there is a problem.

When I want to sleep I watch a ME video.

CaptainObvious878331d ago

To be fair, BotW IS the most overrated game of all time.

MasterCornholio331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Also your missing the multiple Scarlett is Doomed articles that were deleted.

This site produces a ton of clickbait.


Oh and I forgot to mention this about the multiple Scarlett is Doomed articles. There were three submissions and all of them were from the same article. However the submitter changed the headline and description and then the site changed the link so they could get submitted again on N4G. That's pretty shady.


Links to two of those Skarlett is Doomed articles.

One of them was titled " The PlayStation 5 will Destroy the Xbox Scarlett"

The other is titled " Xbox Scarlett is in Trouble"

The third one which was the same article as the other two was failed as a duplicate.

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wheresmymonkey331d ago

Could you not call this shmuck a journalist. It's insulting to actual journalists.

Fluttershy77331d ago

what a rant uh... blood pressure?

TheOptimist331d ago

Ahhh... The oversmart reply.... Never gets old.

SyntheticForm331d ago

The Witcher 3 was an unmitigated masterpiece. Easily one of the best games of the generation.

HaVoK308331d ago

It’s opinion. Journalism hasn’t existed for decades now.

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isarai332d ago

It accomplished a LOT many RPGs only dreamed of pulling off, great looking character models that don't all look abd sound the same, excellent writing even in side missions, great atmosphere, and even great humor. The thing that turned me off however (personally im in the vast minority) was the combat, like its cool but i cant stand the amount of times he does that jumping spin attack, it's like watching middle schoolers larping with foam swords. I've since been told you unlock better combat later so i bought the complete edition and will be giving it another go this winter. But man that felt like such a downgrade compared to the first one i played

frostypants332d ago

Same. Great game. Loved having to prep even for side quest battles. But the swordplay was just button smashing...if you applied the right oils/buffs, it never felt like you were in danger of losing. But still, so much was good about it. Especially the story branching.

switchjunior12332d ago

Did you play on easy? You definitely can’t button mash on Death March difficulty setting.

nitus10331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Yes, nothing like going into battle and seeing a red skull over the enemies health bar and what is even worse multiple enemies with red skulls. The hint in cases like this is "run".

Of course, you can always go against a Necrophage which has its spines out and recovering heath faster than you can take it off while at the same time it is attacking you and your health bar is rapidly depleting. Hint "run" and come back when you have better attributes such as weapons, armour, potions and oils.

To get the most out of the Witcher 3 you should play on the higher difficulty settings with "Death March" the highest and the one where you will have to really think strategically. Yes, you can change the difficulty setting on the fly but this is like a cheat.

O-D-C332d ago

Would you recommend a TOTAL NOOB to the series start with Witcher III or the original?

TheOptimist332d ago

Yes. It is the most accessible Witcher among all.

frostypants332d ago

Just skip the first two honestly. Don't need 'em. Everything you need to understand in the game lore is explained early on.

Daishi332d ago

I absolutely recommend the second game as a great starting place. The game mechanics are similar enough it doesn't feel as badly dated as the first. There's just a lot of relationship building you will be missing out on if you skip.

TK-66331d ago

Don't play the original. It's not worth anyone's time.

rainslacker331d ago

I came in without playing the other two, and I followed along easily enough.

carcarias331d ago

Well, the characters and lore will mean much more to you if you play the first two but the first one will be a rough experience, especially after all this time, for most players. Besides, you'll get enough background stuff as you should need by starting with 2.

Still, I'd simply suggest you just go straight into number 3. Just make sure you play on at least the second to last difficulty and then maybe switch to Death March at around level 18-20 as it does get easier. If you play on normal you'll just end up button mashing as you won't face the need to use all the magic/swordskills to win and that'll get boring fast.

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IamTheStorm81332d ago

Contrary to popular belief, opinions can actually be really bad. Here we have a prime example.

TheOptimist332d ago

I don't mind people disliking a game, but when the reason is stupid, that's when I get triggered.

SmielmaN331d ago

I thought this game was boring as hell and ugly on all levels. I never understood how it garnered so much praise but to each their own. I love MGS games and some ppl can’t stand them. But as far as headlines go, I agree. This game was the first game in 15 years I returned to the store for a refund.

goldwyncq332d ago

That's your opinion, which is bad too.

Lon3wolf332d ago

And that's your opinion on their opinion, which is also bad.

CptDville332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@Lon3wolf And that's your opinion on his opinion on their opinion, which is also bad.

DynamicEffect331d ago

Bad opinion smells getting strong in here.