The Problem with WRPGs

There's a problem with WRPGs that continues to grow with each new release, and most games in the genre tend to fall victim.

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NecrumOddBoy697d ago

A super disorganized article.

Atom666696d ago

I think most of us have run into the issue with selling off loot before you know that it will be important later. It's to the point where I'll just Google "loot to keep in _________" before playing. And it's not exclusive to your typical WRPGs. I screwed up in games like HZD and RDR2 doing this same thing.

To the larger points raised, so far in my playthrough of OW, it's striking a nice balance of open world freedom of Fallout and something more straightforward like Mass Effect. The Worlds are manageable, as are the side quests.

Lighter9695d ago

The problem is there isn't enough of them. Way too many JRPGs. Most of which are mediocre.

Segata694d ago

Or you know plenty of both to satisfy both fans of each genre.

andibandit694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

I agree theres too few WRPG's. If I was a fan of JRPG's it would problably be like x-mas every week.

butterknuckles695d ago

The problem with gaming journalism FTFY.

Melankolis695d ago

Without reading the article.

Since PS2 generation, my complaint is always the same. That the font is too small, and unfriendly stats menu design, like reading a newspaper.

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The story is too old to be commented.