Fallout 76’s Premium Private Servers Are Not Private, Its Scrap Box Is Deleting Scrap

Fallout 76's new premium subscription service, Fallout 1st, is not working as intended and actually eating resources of players who have purchased it.

1702d ago
sprinterboy1702d ago

I find that hilarious for the gamers who bought it, suckers serves you right for supporting this shit.

SegaGamer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yep, you would have to be an absolute moron to subscibe to this in the first place.

sergons1702d ago

Yeah, for some strange reasons I don't feel sorry for those idiots who subscribed

DarXyde1701d ago

I'm no Fallout fan and haven't bought into this (or Fallout 76 itself), but I cannot in good conscience have a laugh at others' expense.

This is really awful. Although Bethesda really upset a large proportion of players, Fallout 76 still has fans. The disappointing part is that even the people who were willing to pay and support them are getting screwed. It's just sad. It's honest to goodness sad.

I mean, I guess I get that it's fun to laugh at others and call them suckers, but this really just bothers me. Not as a failing of consumers, but of Bethesda.

Not trying to take the fun out of this for y'all, but this is genuinely sad.

sprinterboy1701d ago

Sorry fella but any gamer who spent £60 on a full price game then goes and buys £100 year sub is a absolute moron and deserve everything they get.
I'm sorry dude but that's how it is.

DarXyde1701d ago

I wouldn't buy into it and sure, you wouldn't either. But my expectation is that anyone who IS willing to spend the money actually likes Fallout 76. Okay, fine. Different strokes, I say.

My issue is that, even with the problems of the game itself, there are still people who found value in the game and paying for the private servers were justifiable for them, only to be screwed by Bethesda.

Fallout 76 is far from a perfect game based on what I've heard. Many (most?) of the players felt cheated, but there was still a following for it. Then, Bethesda decides to charge them for features I guess they wanted, only to do it poorly and at detriment to players who stuck by the product. It's sad.

Final Fantasy XIV was also full priced and over $100/year. The problem here is that Bethesda offered a subscription with features they shouldn't charge for but did and people were willing to subscribe to that package, only to discover it does not at all work as advertised.

You can say they're morons. Some of them may well be. I couldn't in good conscience call them all morons, just people who wanted private servers really. And they couldn't even do that well. Say what you will, but that's just cruel in my opinion.

badz1491702d ago

How stupid can someone be to even consider buying into this scam? Serves you right, MORONS!

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