Is a Dino Crisis Remake Coming to Next-Gen Systems?

Edgar writes: "Let's find out if Dino Crisis warrants the remake treatment like its zombie-infested sibling."

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1313d ago
jbull1313d ago

Hopefully yes and Onimusha as well where they can take inspiration from God of War and the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi fallen order.

naruga1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

BS article ...i thought it would refer to some rumors that would indicate the upcoming remake ......and they just presenting the Dino Crisis games without any indication or hint, having a lame last paragraph that they hope for a remake ....i say Bs article again

blackbeld1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

They need to bring back time crisis! Now in VR Co-op!

jbull1312d ago

The hope is that the commercial/Critical success of RE2 will give the kick to Capcom remakes or reboots to their old successful IP's.

Miss_Vixen1313d ago

Would love it if Capcom actually did bring back Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, & Clock Tower games.

PokeNana1312d ago

I would love all 3 of these. not to mention RE3 Nemesis

Spurg1313d ago

The game needs to rid itself of the timetravel story which was honestly one of the stupidest concepts. I love Dino Crisis 2 not because of the story but the fact I was immersed in the world and was immidiate disconnected when it the time travel story popped up.

rainslacker1312d ago

That's how I feel about the genetic memories in Assassins Creed. Just puts in a silly sci-fi aspect to an otherwise good story.

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