WorthPlaying Preview - 'Ar tonelico 2'

WorthPlaying: "Ar Tonelico 2 occurs in the same world as the first title. Humanity lives alongside magical beings called Reyvateil and strive to survive in a strange world. Reyvateil are magical beings who can craft "song magic" through their connection to magical servers, which makes them powerful warriors, although the time it takes to cast their spells makes them rather like glass cannons. The world is currently on the brink of a tragic era, with war breaking out between armies and a mysterious illness called Infel Phira Dependency, or IPD, causing Reyvateil to go berserk and kill anyone around them. Croix, a rookie Knight, is quickly drawn into the war when he is tasked to defend the figurehead of the Neo Grand Bell, the Lady Cloche, from a coup. Before long, he, his childhood friend-slash-girlfriend Luca, and Cloche are drawn into a war that threatens even the goddess who created the world."

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RainOfTerror3627d ago

"improving your Reyvateil's stats, the Dualstall system. This is done by … having the Reyvateil take a bath together."

Making your characters take a bath together and include bath soaps or bath toys? Is this a bad script for a gay porn movie or something ?