5 Dormant Capcom Franchises That Should Be Revived

Greysun writes: "Capcom recently stated that they plan on utilizing some of their dormant franchises. Here are five of them that we would love to see make a comeback."

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gangsta_red1206d ago

Breath of Fire and Darkstalkers, please

rolando1231206d ago

Breath of fire 3 remasterrrrr

ApocalypseShadow1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I could use another Viewtiful Joe.

Kenshin a go go baby!

Darkstalkers definitely. I'd prefer a 2D extravaganza. If not, using the SF Engine would still be great.

Morrigan, Demetri, Lilith, Baby Bonny Hood and the gang would be awesome.

La la la!

gangsta_red1205d ago

If we can get Capcom to go the Arc Systems route in graphics with Darkstalkers, but make it a little more gritty and dark but with that anime flare I would be full on board.

isarai1206d ago

Beatdown Fists of Vengeance
Viewtiful Joe
Bionic Commando (but without the weird character redesign)
Final Fight
Clock Tower

gangsta_red1205d ago

Godhand!!!! That game was fantastic!

Petebloodyonion1205d ago

Bionic Commando
Captain Comando
Forgotten world
Viewtufll joe

drizzom1205d ago

Want Seig Warheit and Chaos Legion to come back. :(

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