Magna Carta Developer Announces NintendoDS Projects (And Announces Xbox360 Magna Carta)

As a representative video game developer of Korea, Softmax is currently engaged in development projects on various platforms (online, console, mobile); it has developed major titles such as Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2 & PSP; 2004, 2006 release) and Magna Carta 2 (Xbox 360, under development). Softmax announced that it would develop a game that can be enjoyed by a broader audience as well as various social classes by entering the Nintendo platform this time...

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CloudsEnd3629d ago

Pah, no love for PS3 again? F*ck off.
Magna Carta was such a great game, now we are losing it to the 360...

Kush_Reaper3628d ago

Another potential exclusive stolen. Well won't be suprised if it turns out meh.


kevco333628d ago

I don't think Magna Carta 2 was ever intended to be a PLAYSTATION3 exclusive, Softmax don't have any specific alligences with any hardwarde manufacturer, so it's just a common-sense move of the format which most people will support the game on...

It'll probably end-up on PS3 as well; think Eternal Sonata.

NinjaRyu3628d ago

Magna Carta 2 Been in development since late 2005. I hope to hear more info on Magna Carta 2 soon. It also be nice if we got to see some gameplay & art for the game Too!